Club Championship Race 19 – Peco XC at Nostell Priory

Penultimate race of the season saw the Harriers descend on Nostell Priory for the first Peco Cross Country race of the season. 

The top 3 against there handicap were:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Simon Hands 00:43:08 13.84% 00:37:10 50
2 Hannah Lee 00:51:58 11.37% 00:46:04 49
3 Emma Brigginshaw 00:48:37 9.81% 00:43:51 48

The full race results against handicap can be found here.


This means, there is no change to the leadership of the Club Championship so it all goes down to the final set of races! I hope everyone involved has entered a race over the Christmas period!

The full table going into the final round is here.



PECO XC Race 1 – Nostell Priory

A massive field of 911 runners took part in the first cross country race of the 2017/18 PECO season today at Nostell. We had 43 members running.

Here are our results. Congratulations to Niamh Jackson who came first in her age category and well done to all our members who took part.


PECO Cross Country League 2017-18: Race 1 (Nostell Priory)
Senior Ladies Results
Position Surname First Name Age Category Time Cat Pos  
7 Jackson Niamh F35 35:32 1  
57 Drew Helen F35 40:39 7  
76 Kempadoo Millar Rhian F40 42:02 12  
118 Webster Isobel FSEN 43:27 52  
121 O’Brien Louise F40 43:34 19  
127 Brigginshaw Emma F35 43:51 25  
138 Muir Marion F40 44:36 22  
144 Glover Alyson F50 44:52 10  
169 Lee Hannah FSEN 46:04 67  
176 Kearns Rachael FSEN 46:21 70  
180 James Catherine FSEN 46:27 71  
206 Newman Hannah FSEN 47:39 82  
224 Moran Carol F55 48:24 14  
232 Dawson Karen F40 48:45 33  
282 Daniel-Thomas Bethan FSEN 51:29 101  
283 Daniel-Thomas Vicki FSEN 51:29 102  
284 Sandhu Baldish F50 51:32 29  
364 Taylor Samantha FSEN 1:00:06 116  
365 Hudson Jill F40 1:00:06 59  
367 Akers Anne F55 1:00:47 28  


PECO Cross Country League 2017-18: Race 1 (Nostell Priory)
Senior Men’s Results
Position Surname First Name Age Category Time Cat Pos
84 Hipkiss Jack MSEN 33:34 57
102 Hardy Lee MSEN 34:04 68
142 Coldwell Ben MSEN 35:12 89
164 Grist Paul M50 35:34 7
215 Hands Simon MSEN 37:10 119
225 Moger Adam M40 37:22 41
263 Boardman Simon MSEN 38:06 140
268 Miller Paul MSEN 38:17 142
275 Glover Chris M55 38:25 14
296 Hudson Chris M40 39:08 53
325 Thomas Richard M55 40:33 18
335 Kasparek Matt MSEN 40:56 158
339 Mawer Jim MSEN 41:08 159
342 Child Nick M45 41:16 58
364 Rhodes Adam M40 41:58 63
407 Smith Simon M45 43:40 70
416 Akers Noel M60 44:23 20
425 O’brien Kieran M40 44:58 69
431 Glover Paul M70 45:21 5
490 Taylor Malcolm MSEN 49:53 193
506 O’halloran Sean MSEN 54:14 198
514 Hey Peter M65 55:30 14
521 Nesden Patrick M65 59:30 15

5k Winter Time Trial No.2 (November) – Results

Last nights time trial “attracted” 22 runners – 6 more than last month, and conditions were milder but a bit damp on the ground. We had 2 new faces – Giedrius Geisleris (hope the spelling is correct) making his first debut at the time trial and Dawn Henderson returning after a long break from running.. Also not appearing on the results for the last two years is Tony Shaw who seems to be coming back well from his injury. Another runner on her return from a long lay off due to a bad ankle injury is Hannah Newman. Last one from the sick bed (literally) is Catherine Barrett who bravely managed to get around the course but unfortunately was the last one home. Hopefully this is a one off for her. Another returnee after a break of over 12 months was Shevonne McLarnon. All not ideal for setting accurate handicaps but they seemed to work out reasonably okay. First over the line in a run time of 26.18 was Liz Walker with a pb for the course, closely followed 5 seconds later by Jacquie Elmer who had a run time of 25.53 another pb for the course. Coming home in third place 26 seconds later was Dave Wood yet another course pb, with a run time 26.34. Fastest man was Adam Moger with a run time of 20.36, just beating Simon Hands (pb) by 10 seconds. Fastest lady was Simone Solgado with a run time of 25.17, just 36 seconds in front of Jacquie. The route was the reverse option and only 2 runners out of the 7 who ran last month were quicker so no real evidence which is the quickest way around. There has been some requests for runners in the time trial to pick their preferred route option on the night which could be interesting. This may be tried in the next coming months !!! Thanks for all those for showing up and especially Jemma Roe for doing another excellent job in getting the runners away on time and collecting runners times. Click the link below for full results.


Time Trial Results 

Yorkshire Vets Grand Prix Season 2017 Round-up

The final race of the vets season took place on Sunday 12 November at Spen.

Our individual runners results are tabled at the bottom of this post.

The overall finishing positions for the top 10 teams in the three scoring leagues are shown below. We continue to perform well in this league as a club. Thanks to all those who ran in the races this year.

Our top performing individual runners who will receive trophies for their efforts this year were:

Louise O’Brien – First in F40 Category

Niamh Jackson – Second in F35 category

Adam Moger – Third in M40 category

Congratulations to Louise, Niamh and Adam.



Pos Name Cat Time Points
4 Niamh Jackson F35 36:25 147
20 Louise O’Brien F40 43:06 131
50 Vicki Hipkiss F50 51:28 101
64 Carol Moran F55 54:17 87
90 Anne Akers F55 64:24 61



Pos Name Cat Time Points
40 Adam Moger M40 37:33 161
44 Simon Hands M35 38:00 157
77 Gary Carlisle M55 41:42 124
114 Noel Akers M60 46:29 87
147 Peter Hey M65 57:24 54
149 Patrick Nesden M65 62:50 52

Club Championship Race 18 – Guy Fawkes 10

We had twelve intrepid wanderers at Guy Fawkes 10 this year, claiming some extra Club Championship points before the end of the season. But has it brought them into contention?

 The top 3 against handicaps were:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 David Wood 01:45:40 3.74% 01:41:43 50
2 Peter Hey 01:49:23 3.38% 01:45:41 49
3 Hannah Lee 01:41:45 3.37% 01:38:19 48

The full CC results, including the previous 17 races can be found in the below link:

Race Results

As for the table, as we’ve got 2 races left, there’s been no change at the top! It’s a testament to Paul Grist’s year that the 44 points he picks up this week wasn’t enough to increase his lead! Can anyone take advantage?

League Table

If you feel you are missing bonus points, then please let Malcolm Taylor know on Facebook or email

Two races lefts! The lottery of PECO at Nostell and the Christmas races. I will pick out the results from the standard races, but let me know if you have done one elsewhere.