Club Championship After Race 6 – Leeds Half Marathon

The impressive numbers of Harriers (36) at the race and the number of PBs (we think 17) must be some kind of club record! Well done all.

Also a big thank you to all those who came out to support their club runners along the route. It was much appreciated.

If you want to run the race next year, the early bird entry fee of £22 ends tonight at 12:00pm. It will be nearer to £30 to enter later.

The CC points table for the race is here
The updated league table is here

Here are the times and PBs

Scott Anderson 01:22:27 PB
Richard Joyce 01:25:52
Paul Miller 01:25:52 PB
Jason Buckley 01:27:00 PB
Kevin Blackhurst 01:31:28
Christopher Glover 01:31:51 PB
Shamiso Sisimayi 01:34:30
John Hutchinson 01:34:36 Recent PB – 3rd Vet 60
Steve Webb 01:35:45 First Timer
Mark Skinner 01:36:05 PB
John-Paul O’Toole 01:36:37
Ashleigh Ewen 01:37:48 PB
Sean Cook 01:39:37
Colin Chapman 01:40:47
Andrew Kirby 01:41:17 PB
Tom Keeber 01:41:28
Jon Potts 01:42:59 PB
James Meta 01:45:49
Chris Hunt 01:47:56 PB
Kevin Green 01:49:31
Ewan Malone 01:52:14 PB
Alyson Glover 01:53:30 PB
Peter Hey 01:55:06 Recent PB
Harriet Carlyle 01:57:18 PB
Vikki Daniel 01:58:53 PB
Will Thwaite 02:00:39 First Timer
Kevin Kelly 02:03:24 First Timer
Rhona Cameron 02:06:27 PB
Patrick Nesden 02:06:53
Sean McEvoy 02:08:06
Gemma Rathbone 02:12:12 PB
Baldish Sandhu 02:13:08
Isacc Dell 02:13:20
Rhian Millar 02:13:57
Samantha Broome 02:33:15 First Timer
Ian Brown 02:33:42



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