Club Championship Race 17 – Pudsey Post Hill

What a tough one eh? Not many people fancied this, all the more points for the ones that did! 

The points have been given out. Jonathan Young, new(ish) to the club, in his first CC race smashes his handicap time. Which with a 5k PB of 23:21 is sure to help him next year!

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Jonathan Young 00:25:12 7.31% 00:23:21 50
2 Isobel Webster 00:28:14 1.51% 00:27:48 49
3 Chris Hudson 00:27:18 0.50% 00:27:10 48
4 Peter Hey 00:37:04 -2.11% 00:37:51 47
5 Jacqueline Elmer 00:34:38 -6.32% 00:36:49 46

 The full results table can be found below

Race Results

No change in the leaderboard this time. With 3 races left, can anyone catch Paul Grist?

League Table


Any queries, or bonus point additions please contact Malcolm Taylor on Facebook or





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