3 Peaks Fell Race 2017

Very well done to our four brave members who took on the 23 mile fell race on Saturday. Andy Carter recorded a very impressive time for his first attempt and Rose George remains the only KH woman to complete the event, having done it twice. A great effort from from all four of our members.

Here are the full results:

Chairmans Chase 2017

We had 28 runners braving the slightly cool April air – but at least it stayed dry. Most of the runners had already been allocated start times based on their runbritain handicaps, but we did have to squeeze 5 new names onto the spread sheet. The runbritain handicap times are good if everyone is racing all regularly and preferably all at the same races – but unfortunately we like all other clubs have runners coming back from injury, new runners, members who do not race a lot, members who are continually creating pb’s and then people like me on the various degrees of steep descents, having passed their best. All in all not a bad handicapping system so if the runners were not battling for the front position, they were battling against their arch rival members. At least it does give some of the slower runners to be in a chance of winning.

The first 3 people across the line were Helen Burgess who overtook 8 runners to finish with a run time of 49.41. Second was Jill Camm, another runner on the comeback trail after a long maternity break who had a run time of 43.54. Jill was also the fastest lady on the night. Third was Jacquie Elmer, who is one of those on the steep upward spiral (due to our successful training nights?) with a run time of 50 minutes. The fastest male was Jack Hipkiss who despite being last to start and having to wait 27 minutes – and claiming not to know the route – overtook 17 runners and finished 11th. Full results are on the link below.

Many thanks to all the people who came out to marshal, assist and generally support the runners (or to partake in the fine buffet afterwards) these included Hannah Newman, Emma Lavelle Wood, Sam Broome, Gemma Roe and Collette Spencer and apologies if I have forgotten anyone else. If you did not enjoy the run – hopefully you enjoyed the food and presentations afterwards.



2017 Chairmans Chase Results

YVAA Race 1 – Honley

We had a lower than normal attendance at the Yorkshire Vets on Sunday at Honley due to many of our members being in London for the Marathon. Well done to those who made it around the hilly course.


Pos Name Cat Time Points
22 Louise O’Brien F40 53:35 129
48 Carol Moran F55 63:56 103
52 Vicki Hipkiss F50 65:17 99
80 Anne Akers F55 81:17 71
Pos Name Cat Time Points
31 Adam Moger M40 45:36 170
63 Paul Grist M50 49:36 138
73 Martin Frazer M50 50:54 128
88 Adam Rhodes M40 52:53 113
97 John Hutchinson M70 54:07 104
110 Gary Carlisle M50 56:33 91
117 Noel Akers M60 57:59 84
146 Peter Hey M60 69:22 55

Club Championship Race 6 – Guiseley Gallop

Apologies for my tardiness folks, I have been busy eating lots in prep for my London Marathon attempt this weekend. I get 50 bonus points!

Last weekend saw Harriers take on the Guiseley Gallop, brilliantly organised as ever by Skyrac. 10 of us took part, and some great performances came out of it. Well done all.

There can be only one winner of the maximum 50 points though. Well done John Hutchinson (who also came first in his age category!)

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 John Hutchinson 00:54:54 5.96% 00:51:38 50
2 Lee Hardy 00:44:02 4.35% 00:42:07 49
3 Peter Britton 00:56:11 3.09% 00:54:27 48
4 Peter Hey 01:09:07 2.33% 01:07:30 47
5 Martin Frazer 00:48:54 2.23% 00:47:48 46
6 Louise O’Brien 00:52:21 1.05% 00:51:48 45
7 Paul Glover 00:57:43 0.59% 00:57:23 44
8 Kevin Kelly 01:07:50 -0.81% 01:08:23 43
9 Paul Miller 00:45:19 -1.56% 00:46:01 42
10 Sean O’Halloran 01:02:04 -5.60% 01:05:33 41

The full results, including previous can be found here.

I have fully updated the table, adding in Parkrun bonuses. Please make sure your name does appear if you think it ought to as I’ve also updated my list from the 2017/2018 Membership list! Lee Hardy continues his excellent form and now leads the Club Championship, although his handicap has dropped by 3.0 since the start of the year! How low can he go. The full table can be found here.


Races come thick and fast in May, take a look at the 2017 calendar if you want to have a chance at this years championship!


Malcolm Taylor

Club Championship Race 5 – Vale of York 10

Whilst many Harriers were gallivanting around Northumberland on the Club Trip, 5 souls travelled to York to complete the Vale of York 10 mile race and earn themselves, what could be valuable Club Championship points!

A flat course made harder by hot conditions last week, a lot of PBs were broken! Well done!

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Lee Hardy 01:13:17 11.03% 01:05:12 50
2 Adam Rhodes 01:16:23 2.50% 01:14:28 49
3 Adam Nodwell 01:16:23 2.39% 01:14:33 48
4 Ben Coldwell 01:03:48 1.97% 01:02:32 47
5 Shevonne McLarnon 01:36:35 0.49% 01:36:07 46

The full CC results can be found here, including previous CC races.

I have updated the Club Championship table including Marathon Bonuses (not done Parkrun yet, it will be done soon!). The table can be found here.


Next up, this weekend, is Guiseley Gallop – online entries are closed, but you can still enter on the day, if you feel brave enough! The full list of 2017 races can be found here.

Vale of York 10

We had a lower than normal turnout at this flat 10 miler today. It was a CC race so the few who attended will get good CC points.

Well done to Ben and Lee who recorded fantastic PBs.


Position Name Category Category position Chip time PB
29 Ben Coldwell MSEN 18/162 01:02:32 PB
56 Lee Hardy MSEN 33/162 01:05:12 PB
173 Adam Rhodes M40 31/88 01:14:28  
174 Adam Nodwell MSEN 75/162 01:14:33  
651 Shevonne McLarnon F40 62/130 01:36:07