5k Time Trial No.2 – November

We had 23 runners for the inaugural reverse route winter time trial, along with a basking heat of 12 degrees C – and a super moon that could not be seen. Only one new face was present and that was Sarah Ruxton – who managed to gain 4th place with a run time of 27.01, so sorry Sarah – you will be dropping down the starting order on your next run. Only a few runners got pb’s so not too sure if the reverse route is faster – but we will keep swapping as most runners appeared to enjoy the change. Bringing up the rear on this night unfortunately was Sam Broome with a run time of 34.31 who is slowly getting back into running mode – for the Peco’s we hope? Another runner slowly getting back up to speed was Adam who was the penultimate runner to finish with a run time of 23.23. At the front of the field it was an all-female event with Sarah Ruxton 4th, closely behind Simone Solgado 25.23, who was just pipped by 1 second by Jacquie Elmer who’s run time was 27.52. First over the line and putting in a huge effort judging by her breathing at the end was Catherine Barrett with a run time of 24.26 – still not a pb for that course but look out – she is on the mend and getting faster. Fastest runner on the night with a pb was David Hodkin with a run time of 17.40 just missing the course record by 4 seconds, currently held by Andrew Cross in Nov 13, for that route. David almost got into the prizes with picking off 16 runners and finishing 6th. Second fastest man with another pb by 2 seconds was Tim Dixon 19.41. The two fastest ladies were Emma Brigginshaw just missing a pb with 22.38, and Louise O Brien with 23.54 again outside her own pb. Could the new clockwise route be good for the men – but not the ladies – any rational explanations will be considered. The time gap between first and last runner was just over 5 minutes so not too bad with the handicapping. Never perfect but not far off. Many thanks to Nathan for doing a superb job getting them all started in the right order and on time, and getting the results as correct as we can. Any discrepancies, please let me know. Thanks also for Catherine peeping over and advising on some of the names as they quickly passed over.

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Yorkshire Vets Spenborough & 2016 Season Results

It was the last of the 8 race series for 2016 today at Spenborough AC. The conditions were good and the sun was shining on the Harriers present. Some were battling for top 3 spots in their age categories and others for top honours in this very hard fought league. As a club we did well again in both the mens and womens leagues. The top 10 league positions for both leagues are below.

In the individual competitions we have unprecedented success with Niamh Jackson winning the womens competition. We think that this is the first time that a Kirkstall member has won the overall completion in the Yorkshire vets, so many congratulations to Niamh. Emma Lavelle-Wood won the F40 category and 6th overall on the womens competition. Adam Moger ran well in his first race after his bike accident today to secure his second place in the M40 category by only 4 points, so today’s effort was crucial. Alyson Glover finished 3rd in the F50 category. Well done all.

To top it off for the year, Collette won the last spot prize today. We have always been good at spot prizes, but seems that we are very good at running too!

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Guy Fawkes 10 2016 – Club Championship Race 17

Yet again this great race attracted a great turn out from our members despite clashing with the Abbey Dash this year. The weather forecast was poor to terrible but in the end it was not a bad morning for a run. 19 members chased club championship points around this tough 10 miler. There are 4 main hills on the course. The “Birstwith Brute”, the “Swincliffe Swine”, the “For Fawkes Sake” and the “Holly Bank Hell” to finish. The reward for scaling all these climbs was a nice tech tee, 5 bars of chocolate and a cheer from Lucy Churm and Jill Hudson who travelled to support our runners. Given the hilly profile of this race, we would not expect anyone to get a PB, however Ben Coldwell managed a very fast time and did just that. So did Niamh Jackson and Vicki Hipkiss. Well done Ben, Niamh and Vicki. Jemma Roe recorded her first time at this distance and lives to tell the tale!.

Pos M Pos F Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Pace (km/m) Time PB
44 44   Ben Coldwell M (013/063) 04.07/06.37 01:06:14 PB
116   6 Niamh Jackson F35 (002/058) 04.32/07.18 01:13:04 PB
132 122   Adam Nodwell M (030/063) 04.36/07.24 01:14:02  
159 145   Christopher Glover M50 (024/138) 04.40/07.30 01:15:04  
232 204   Simon Smith M45 (036/083) 04.54/07.53 01:18:47  
265 231   Paul Grist M45 (041/083) 04.59/08.02 01:20:15  
350 288   Gary Carlisle M50 (073/138) 05.17/08.30 01:24:59  
370 301   Peter Britton M50 (076/138) 05.21/08.37 01:26:11  
428 337   Chris Hudson M40 (072/090) 05.31/08.52 01:28:39  
458 355   Paul Glover M70 (001/003) 05.34/08.58 01:29:40  
593   180 Alyson Glover F50 (042/087) 06.00/09.39 01:36:29  
623   199 Hannah Newman F (034/046) 06.08/09.52 01:38:45  
643   213 Vicki Hipkiss F50 (050/087) 06.13/10.01 01:40:07 PB
644   214 Catherine Barrett F35 (038/058) 06.13/10.01 01:40:07  
645   215 Jemma Roe F (038/046) 06.13/10.01 01:40:07 First 10m
704   253 Elizabeth Walker F (040/046) 06.32/10.31 01:45:07  
714   262 Karen Longfellow F50 (067/087) 06.36/10.38 01:46:20  
742 455   David Wood M50 (131/138) 06.46/10.54 01:49:01  
766   306 Jacqueline Elmer F40 (060/065) 07.00/11.16 01:52:43  


Well done all Guy Fawkes runners, some excellent times over the 10 mile distance! Time to announce the points. The top three against their runBritain handicap were:

Time Name Points
01:49:01 David Wood 50
01:26:11 Peter Britton 49
01:40:07 Jemma Roe 48


The full race results can be found here.

The table, behind a certain Yekanth, is looking tight with a number of runners still in a chance of a podium, there’s 5 with 300 points or more! Nearly time to hand over to the PECO season with both races being used in the Club Championships this year. Make sure you sign up for MUD!

The full table can be found here.



Abbey Dash 2016

Well done to our 22 members who took on the fast and flat 10k today in the cold and rain.

The course lived up to it’s reputation for producing PBs. Nine of our members got a new 10k PB and we had one first timer at the distance. Some just missed out on new PBs by 2 or 3 seconds. Great results everyone.


Name Pos Cat Time PB?
David Hodkin 826 MSEN 00:36:44 PB
Hal Roberts 918 MSEN 00:38:02 PB
Andy Carter 1053 M50 00:38:37 PB
Alice Murray-Gourlay 1734 FSEN 00:41:02 Close!
Stephen Burrell 4209 MSEN 00:41:03 First 10k
Martin Frazer 3170 M50 00:43:31 PB
Colin Chapman 3855 M45 00:44:45  
Richard Thomas 2278 M55 00:45:48  
Helen Burgess 2389 FSEN 00:46:05 PB
Benjamin Clark 3419 M35 00:44:23 PB
James Nundy 2118 M35 00:47:19  
Simon Boardman 4181 MSEN 00:45:36 PB
Sheila King 3504 F50 00:50:01  
Shevonne McLarnon 7026 F40 00:54:23  Close!
Anne Pinches 4930 F35 00:54:36  
James Finnigan 7976 MSEN 00:52:16 PB
Dominika Malinowska 5002 MSEN 00:55:37  
Karen Boardman 7619 FSEN 00:55:19 PB
Emma Southon 1699 FSEN 00:58:04  
Kevin Kelly 3892 M40 00:57:10  
Peter Hey 8972 M60 01:01:20  
James Corah 8579 M35 01:12:22