Christmas Fuddle

It was the traditional Christmas Fuddle last night in the LPSA after training. We had many Harriers bringing along food. Some after training and even more arriving just for the fuddle and announcements.

Club Championship 2016

Malcolm Taylor announced the final top three in the 2016 club championship. They are:

1st: Yekanth Ventikeela
2nd: Liz Walker
3rd: Chris Hudson

Congratulations to all three. The trophies will be presented at the AGM in February. The final full league table is here

The race list for the 2017 club championship was published and can be found on this web site here

London Marathon Club Places for 2017

Adam Moger then announced the names of the two members who have been awarded a place in the 2017 London Marathon. Eleven members applied and met the criteria for a club place but the two who were judged by the committee to be most deserving of the places were:

Simon Smith

Malcolm Taylor

Well done to you both and of course the training starts now! Or maybe in the new year.

PECO XC Race 2 – Middleton Park

Well done to all those who ran today. We had 19 ladies and 31 men taking on the Middleton Park course.

Our ladies team were 5th in the premier division (down from 1st in the first race). So a lot to do in the remaining 3 races.

The men improved by two places and finished 5th today.

The individual results are below.

For photos click here

After the race there were presentations for last year’s PECO season. the ladies collected the premiere division winners trophy and Niamh Jack collected the F35 first place trophy. We were also presented with the trophy for winning the PECO Relay club competition and the mens championship league second place trophy. Whahoooo!

Pos Name   Cat Time Cat Pos
8 Jackson Niamh F35 34:21 2
23 Sisimayi Shamiso F35 36:09 7
42 Webster Isobel FSEN 37:20 23
66 Drew Helen F35 38:53 15
70 Brigginshaw Emma F35 39:05 17
114 King Sheila F50 42:09 14
122 Barrett Catherine F35 42:38 28
150 Glover Alyson F50 44:22 22
169 George Rose F45 45:10 15
181 Roe Jemma FSEN 45:45 60
186 Ruxton Sarah FSEN 46.04 61
192 Hipkiss Vicki F50 46:25 34
208 Newman Hannah FSEN 47:18 65
217 Moran Carol F55 48:27 11
218 Boardman Karen FSEN 48:28 66
227 Lee Hannah FSEN 49:19 69
246 Walker Liz FSEN 51:19 70
269 Broome Samantha FSEN 54:39 74
270 Sandhu Baldish F45 54:58 34
Pos Name   Cat Time Cat Pos
22 Maier Fred MSEN 29:21 18
35 Hipkiss Jack MSEN 30:27 23
66 Hodkin David MSEN 31:48 43
78 Longmate Kevin MSEN 32:09 50
85 Roberts Hal MSEN 32:20 53
86 Dixon Tim MSEN 32:22 54
108 Carter Andrew M50 33:20 8
117 Moger Adam M40 33:38 22
139 Hardy Lee MSEN 34:22 78
144 Burrell Stephen MSEN 34:33 80
146 Nodwell Adam MSEN 34:36 81
167 Roberts Mike MSEN 35:25 92
172 Glover Chris M55 35:32 11
194 Frazer Martin M50 36:35 20
195 Hands Simon MSEN 36:35 101
203 Boardman Simon MSEN 36:52 104
212 Haggerty Randolph M45 37:04 27
216 Clark Ben MSEN 37:20 108
227 Kasparek Matt MSEN 37:45 111
229 Carlisle Gary M50 37:57 27
236 Rhodes Adam M40 38:27 38
244 Mawer Jim MSEN 38:59 115
247 Savage Martin M40 39:02 41
259 Nundy James MSEN 39:30 119
263 O’Brien Kieran M40 39:38 43
266 Hudson Chris M40 39:44 44
290 Smith Simon M45 40:41 38
324 Britton Peter M55 42:06 33
365 O’Halloran Sean MSEN 45:56 146
366 Mallone Ewan MSEN 45:58 147
382 Hey Peter M60 50:29 12

Winter 5k Time Trial No. 3

We had 22 runners for this the third race of winter. Amongst these were 4 new faces to the event, Charlotte Rounding, Jenny Waite, Simon Hands and Jack Hipkiss. We also did it the reverse way round, so the regular Wednesday nighters had a taste/test? of the different option. They were also the odd few claiming special dispensation due to injuries etc but all in all the finish times were quite good. Only 4 got pb’s so was this due to the reverse route – or the Christmas Meal the night before? First over the line was Simon Hands with a run time of 21.17, so his time will come down next month. 10 seconds behind was Jemma Roe, coming back from “maternity leave” with a run time of 26.27. Third over the line was Adam Moger, 6 seconds behind Jemma – but only because we shouted the panto slogan to Jemma “he’s behind you” Adams time was 20.33, so I think Adam has had enough sympathy now – and back to reality start times for him. Just missing out by 6 seconds in 4th place was James Nundy recording his first ever time at this event of 22.37. Sadly the last over the line on the night was Sean Scanlon with a run time of 24.48, – over 2 minutes slower than Octobers time, so maybe he had a double helping of Christmas pud. Fastest man on the night was Jack “Jackie” Hipkiss with a run time of 18.21, but we may have been a bit harsh with his estimated time. Fastest lady on the night was Isobel Webster with a run time of 22.21. Pb’s went to Dave Wood Jaquie Elmer, Simone Salgado and Lee Hardy.

Many thanks to Vikki Hipkiss and Sam Broome for doing a marvellous job with starting everyone off on time and recording the correct times and names at the finish.

Don’t forget we give trophies to the best overall 3 runners out of 4 runs at the end of the series, so with 3 runs still to go there is still plenty of opportunity for all.

Results below.



TT No.3 – December Results

Club Championship 2016 – Race 18 – Peco XC Temple Newsam

On back of the results posted below, here are the club championship points allocations. As more than 50 Harriers took part in the event, it means there are too few points to give out. Going back through the rules everyone receives a minimum of 2 points.

The top 5 point takers are:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Martin Savage 00:43:37 12.98% 00:37:57 50
2 Simon Hands 00:42:54 12.87% 00:37:23 49
3 Matt Kasparek 00:43:42 12.24% 00:38:21 48
4 Ewan Malone 00:50:55 11.11% 00:45:16 47
5 Isobel Webster 00:42:01 9.06% 00:38:13 46

The full points table can be found here.

A lot of new Harriers took part, taking us to 118 runners participating. No real movement right at the top of the table. Yekanth doesn’t keep up his high record. I was surprised when he overtook me today at around the 5k mark! The full table can be found here.


The final race of the season is Middleton Park Peco on the 18th December. Good luck all.

The 2017 calendar should be posted soon, for you all to get entering. We did mention Temple Newsam 10 will be one a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it is now sold out, but a good number of Harriers have already entered!