Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon 2016

Very well done to our 10 members who finished the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon yesterday. We had 2 doing their first marathon and 3 achieving new Marathon PBs. Great effort.


64 Ben Coldwell M 02:56:43 59 16 PB
1318 Chris Hudson M40 03:58:01 1085 233 PB
1620 Paul Grist M45 04:09:52 1287 226 First Marathon
Rose George F45 04:18:43
2286 Simon Smith M45 04:28:55 1684 295
2195 Neil Marshall M35 04:26:28 1761 302 PB
2330 Chris Hunt M40 04:30:16 1762 341
2425 Yekanth Venkiteela M 04:32:59 1781 521 First Marathon
2637 Alexandra Potts F 04:41:25 690 247
2900 Patrick Nesden M60 04:51:35 2099 47

Club Championship Race 16 – Vale of York

It seems it was half marathon weekend this weekend! Well done to all who run either VoY, GNR or Yorkshireman Half and Full (and any others that I have missed). If the same happens again next year we should put them altogether in one CC race!

Concentrating on Vale of York, this is a PB course (and seen of my forgettable Half Marathon PB) – we had 12 Harriers running. Top 3 CC points are thus:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Yekanth Venkiteela 01:57:57 9.28% 01:47:00 50
2 Jacqueline Elmer 02:28:03 8.18% 02:15:57 49
3 Alexandra Potts 02:25:19 6.11% 02:16:26 48

The full results can be found here. Well done to all the PBs and other runners too!

Now onto the table. It seems now that Yekanth has literally run away from the competition after claiming his 4th 50 points! He’s now 3 points off the maximum. Can anyone beat him or deny what will be a well earned championship victory? If not, who will claim 2nd and 3rd? Both are up for grabs!

I have officially updated the parkrun counts by going through parkrun website as it seems not all get transferred to runbritain. That will explain some of the updates to places. It’s worth noting that the top 19 runners have all done 4 parkruns!

The full table can be seen here.

3 races left for glory! Guy Fawkes 10 (clashes with Abbey Dash); Harewood 10 and a PEXO Cross Country race. The full list can be found here.