Danefield Relay 2016

Our 9 teams had great time tackling the last hill on this 3 mile 3 leg relay on Otley Chevin. The course had been altered due to some tree felling and the last climb was made longer than before as a result. Our Kirkstall Trudgers team came in 3rd female team overall and won a prize of the some chocolate. Well done ladies!

The next relay in the summer evening relay season is this coming Wednesday at Golden Acre Park followed on Friday by he Washburn Relay (teams already pre-entered).

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Pos Team Name Cat Leg 1 Runner Time Leg 2 Runner Time Leg 3 Runner Time Tot Time
35 Kirkstall Strollers O Chris Glover 00:24:06 Paul Miller 00:22:53 Adam Nodwell 00:23:25 01:10:24
46 Kirkstall Hobblers O Tim Dixon 00:22:25 Paul Hallam 00:23:32 Noel Akers 00:28:16 01:14:13
47 Kirkstall Trudgers F Niamh Jackson 00:23:56 Helen Drew 00:25:33 Emma Lavell-Wood 00:24:49 01:14:18
77 Kirkstall Pedestrians O Chris Hudson 00:26:09 Rose George 00:30:42 Randolph Haggerty 00:24:15 01:21:06
104 Kirkstall Ramblers O Lucy Chumm 00:30:12 Paul Glover 00:29:39 Alyson Glover 00:32:30 01:32:21
108 Kirkstall Stumblers O Jill Dobson 00:37:06 Collette Spencer 00:31:40 Paul Chapman 00:26:19 01:35:05
110 Kirkstall Plodders F Catherine Barrett 00:30:18 Laura Davies 00:34:23 Vicki Hipkiss 00:34:39 01:39:20
111 Kirkstall Meanderers F Sam Broome 00:37:02 Marion Muir 00:31:26 Jemma Roe 00:36:11 01:44:39
112 Kirkstall Crawlers O Grahem Fisher 00:38:27 Anne Akers 00:39:32 Jim Mundy 00:28:04 01:46:03

Club Championship Race 14 – Eccup 10

As we close on the finale of the Club Championships, it is still up for grabs! 840 points were given out from Eccup 10 to the 21 runners. Well done all!

The top 3 are below. Yekanth maintains his recent strong performance with top place again! Liz and John complete the podium with very strong runs of their own.

Position H’cap Time Diff Time Name Points
1 01:29:32 9.72% 01:20:50 Yekanth Venkiteela 50
2 01:44:07 8.24% 01:35:32 Elizabeth Walker 49
3 01:22:15 8.19% 01:15:31 John Hutchinson 48


The full points scores, including previous races can be found here.

Chris Hudson extends his lead in the Club Championship, going over the fabled 300 point mark. There are plenty of people that can still win it, so don’t give up hope! The full table can be found here.

Remember there are still 5 races still to go, the next one being the Round Hill Fell race. Also up for grabs for those that haven’t done so yet is a bonus 25 points for completing 4 parkruns. Not to mention the 50 point marathon replacement bonus! The full list of 2016 races can be found here.


Eccup 10 – 2016

Well done to the 21 finishers of the Eccup 10 yesterday. We had a few running their first 10 mile distance and some returning to record new PBs.

This was another CC race, so expect Malcolm to be posting the updates here soon.


Pos Name Cat Cat Pos Time PB?
122 Adam Nodwell MSEN 52/151 01:12:20 PB
135 Christopher Glover M55 9/35 01:12:51
182 John Hutchinson M65 4/14 01:15:31
219 Emma Lavelle-Wood F40 7/85 01:17:13
240 Chris Hudson M40 40/84 01:18:21 PB
315 Simon Boardman MSEN 104/151 01:20:33 First 10m
319 Yekanth Venkiteela MSEN 106/151 01:20:50 PB
322 Colin Chapman M45 41/75 01:21:21
348 Ben Clark MSEN 111/151 01:22:23 First 10m
440 Rose George F45 21/61 01:27:07
466 Alyson Glover F50 15/45 01:27:39
510 Shevonne McLarnon F40 30/85 01:30:53
578 Ceata Rycroft F40 41/85 01:34:26 First 10m
600 Elizabeth Walker FSEN 42/75 01:35:32 First 10m
637 Hannah Newman FSEN 49/75 01:37:30 PB
648 Karen Boardman FSEN 52/75 01:37:48 First 10m
653 Karen Longfellow F50 28/45 01:38:21
691 Vicki Hipkiss F50 33/45 01:41:22 PB
764 Peter Hey M60 18/18 01:48:44
767 Jacqueline Elmer F40 76/85 01:51:11 First 10m
788 Jill Hudson F40 80/85 01:54:49 First 10m

Club Championship Race 13 – Hyde Park Summer Mile

Now we turn to our shortest race on this years Club Championship calendar, the Hyde Park Mile. We had 10 runners participating in this “eye-balls” out race, maybe others were put off by the number 13? We saw a multitude of PB’s from some of the runners. Well done all!

Not to brag any more than I already have, I took the full 50 points. Heat 9 was the Kirkstall race, with myself, James Nundy and Kieran O’Brien. This looks to have spurted me on! “Bring it on” as they say. James Nundy claimed 49 points with Yenkanth and his upgraded handicap (when I have re-checked Run Britain) in 3rd.

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Malcolm Taylor 00:07:13 13.05% 00:06:16 50
2 James Nundy 00:06:48 5.65% 00:06:25 49
3 Yekanth Venkiteela 00:07:09 4.67% 00:06:48 48

The full results, including previous races, can be found here.

No movement at the top of the table, with Chris Hudson continuing his lead. Alyson “Mother” Glover leaps up to 3rd though! Topsy turvy year this is turning out to be. Look out for Yekanth who has dropped 3 points from 4 races, can he complete 6 + 4 parkruns by the end of the year to take the crown? We shall see! The full table can be found here.

6 races left, good luck to those doing Eccup 10 tomorrow! Full calendar including dates and entry links can be found here.

Any questions, please direct them through to me, Malcolm Taylor on facebook or malcolmtaylor789@hotmail.com.


Good running folks!

HPH Summer Mile 2016

11 Harriers took on the torture that is the 1 mile event last night at Woodhouse Moor. The 2 lap course was very slippery in parts due to the days heavy rain but the rain did hold off for the whole event. There were 14 heats on total and afterwards HPH put on a great spread of hot food and cakes in the pub. It was another well organised and enjoyable event. We had a few first time milers and some recording new PBs despite the conditions. Well done to all.

For full results click here

For photos click here

This was a club championship race so Malcolm will be posting updated tables soon. Due to the lower than normal turn out from KH members, the minimum possible points score for these runners is 40.



Pos Name Cat Predicted Time Actual Time Time Diff PB?
44 Tim Dixon MSEN 05:31 05:40.5 00:09.6 First 1m
53 Christopher Glover M50 05:45 05:49.8 00:04.9
91 Malcolm Taylor MSEN 06:15 06:16.4 00:01.5 PB
92 Kieran O’Brien M40 06:15 06:16.5 00:01.6
98 James Nundy MSEN 06:19 06:25.3 00:06.4
102 Paul Chapman M40 06:00 06:33.0 00:33.1 PB
120 Yekanth Venkiteela MSEN 09:00 06:48.5 -02:11.4 First 1m
156 Alyson Glover F45 07:15 07:30.4 00:15.5
179 Hannah Newman FSEN 07:30 07:59.5 00:29.6 First 1m
183 Anthony Shaw M60 09:30 08:08.1 -01:21.8
188 Rhona Cameron F55 09:30 08:14.3 -01:15.6 First 1m