Club Championship Race 10 – Ilkley Trail Race

Race 10 results have finally come out, with a bit of a wait for the “official” results. Thanks to Chris and Adam Nodwell for letting me know they were out!

Marion Muir claimed the 50 points, 8% better than her handicap. Chris Hudson came 2nd and Becky Dwyer rounding off the podium nicely. Full CC race results are here.

Neil Marshall retains his lead in the CC race in the table, though the gap has narrowed to 20 points. No wonder Adam was quick off the mark letting me know the results, he’s up to 2nd! He’s now completed all 6 of his races so can he improve or get the bonus I’m sure he craves? I will let him work that out for himself. The full table can be found here.

With only 2 people filling their quota of 6 races, there’s still plenty of chances to move up the table and challenge for the victory. 270 points is a challenging target! The remaining races can be found here.

Otley 10 CC results will posted next week after the “official” results have come out.

Any questions, or think you’ve missed out on points, please let Malcolm Taylor know on Facebook or


Good luck to all runners for future races!





Ilkley Trail Race 2016 – Results

Well done to our 10 members who took on the hilly trail race on bank holiday Monday. This was a CC race so Malcolm will be posting the CC update here very soon.


Pos Name Cat Time
34 Paul Cornock M 00:47:50
68 Adam Nodwell M 00:51:02
83 Niamh Jackson W 00:53:27
143 Chris Hudson M40 00:58:50
167 Richard Thomas M50 01:00:59
182 Marion Muir W40 01:01:58
198 Rebecca Dwyer W35 01:03:08
225 James Nundy M 01:06:12
285 Laura Davies W35 01:16:04
291 Patrick Nesdon M60 01:17:14

Yorkshire Vets – Kirkstall 2016

It was another very successful evening yesterday at our Yorkshire Vets race. We had many of our under 35s out on the course marshalling and at the Abbey helping out with the race hosting. Peter Hey did another great job of organising and Adam Moger looked after the marshals. Thanks to them both, all went off smoothly. A big thank you to everyone who helped out.

In the ladies race, Niamh Jackson narrowly missed out on her second vets race win within week, just missing first place by 8 seconds.

The mens race saw the first 4 home all within just over a minute.

For photos click here
For full results click here

Ladies Race

Pos Name Cat Time Points
2 Niamh Jackson F35 40:26 149
18 Emma Lavelle-Wood F40 45:09 133
27 Marion Muir F40 46:29 124
50 Alyson Glover F50 51:43 101
62 Shevonne McLarnon F40 53:53 89
66 Collette Spencer F40 54:15 85
68 Carol Moran F50 54:29 83
83 Karen Longfellow F50 57:51 68
85 Laura Davies F35 57:59 66
91 Vicki Hipkiss F50 59:00 60


Mens Race

Pos Name Cat Time Points
30 Adam Moger M40 40:24 171
32 Andy Carter M50 41:03 169
33 Paul Hallam M35 41:13 168
37 Christopher Glover M55 41:35 164
67 Chris Hudson M40 45:05 134
84 Mark Skinner M55 46:28 117
88 Richard Thomas M50 46:58 113
93 Paul Glover M65 47:45 108
114 Nathan Molyneaux M35 50:31 87
120 Peter Britton M55 52:18 81
133 David Wood M50 57:12 68
145 Graham Fisher M45 61:48 56
146 Patrick Nesden M60 63:33 55
148 Ian Brown M70 76:34 53

Yorkshire Vets West Park 2016

Well done to our 23 over 35s who ran in the second Yorkshire Vets league race at West Park last Tuesday evening. A special mention goes to our prize winners; Niamh Jackson who was the first woman to finish and Emma Lavelle-Wood who was 6th woman to finish and came second in the F40 category. We also had some lucky spot prize winners (me being one of hem) so a good time was had by all. The next race in the series is our own on Tuesday evening (31 May) at Kirkstall Abbey.


Gender Pos Name Cat Time Points
34 Adam Moger M40 34:40 167
1 Niamh Jackson F35 35:20 150
45 Paul Hallam M35 35:48 156
46 Christopher Glover M55 35:57 155
50 Andy Carter M50 36:43 151
6 Emma Lavelle-Wood F40 37:28 145
64 Colin Chapman M45 38:20 137
18 Jill Camm F35 39:16 133
89 Richard Thomas M50 40:56 112
97 Paul Glover M65 41:39 104
34 Marion Muir F40 41:46 117
40 Sheila King F50 42:10 111
51 Alyson Glover F50 44:20 100
124 Nathan Molyneaux M35 45:01 77
127 Peter Britton M55 45:50 74
62 Shevonne McLarnon F40 46:29 89
131 Gary Carlisle M50 46:36 70
64 Collette Spencer F40 47:12 87
71 Carol Moran F50 48:41 80
81 Vicki Hipkiss F50 50:35 70
153 Peter Hey M60 54:10 48
154 Graham Fisher M45 56:37 47
155 Patrick Nesden M60 57:24 46

Club Championships Race 8 – John Carr 5k

Yes, you read right, we have had Race 9, so why are we going back to Race 8? That’s because John Carr is special – everyone had 3 chances over 3 weeks to get the magical 50 points!

22 Harriers completed the PB friendly, chip timed 5k course at least once; 8 people taking maximum opportunity (and a bottle of Saltaire Golden Ale) and doing all 3. Well done to everyone that took part.

Yekanth turned up for the last race & took the full 50 points, how’s that for efficiency? Jill Hudson took over 2 minutes off her handicap and over 4 minutes off her PB. I claimed 3rd thanks to my first sub 25 minute and sub 24 minute run ever! Full Club Championship results are here (see Race 8).

Neil Marshall extends his lead in the Club Championship overall, but now he’s done his 6 races, where can he improve?! Samantha (not biased at all) is in 2nd and seems up for the challenge. Adam Nodwell makes up the top 3 thanks to his sub 20 minute 5k! The up to date Club Championship table is here.

There are still 9 races left in the Club Championship series, next up is Ilkley Trail race on the 30th May (BH weekend), entries still open for anyone looking to add to their points tally and support Leeds’ local clubs. The full race calendar with links to entries can be found here.

As always, any questions please contact Malcolm Taylor either on Facebook or Please let me know if you complete a Marathon (50 points replacing your lowest counting score) and I’ve missed you off (not intentionally).