Leeds Half Marathon – Club Championship Race 9

We had 33 runners out racing in the Leeds Half Marathon – in extreme hot weather too! Well done to all, and a thanks from the runners to the support!

CC points have been calculated, Race 9 points are here.

Neil Marshall extends his lead in the Club Championship to 30 points with another 12 races to be completed! John Carr 5k (Race 8) has not been included, these will be added after the 3rd race in a couple of weeks. The full table can be found here.


Position Name Chip Time Category Category Position
132 Richard Kennedy-Joyce 01:27:45 M 55
137 Tim Dixon 01:28:25 M 58
176 Niamh Jackson 01:30:07 F35 2
402 Adam Nodwell 01:35:17 M 185
419 Joe Steele 01:35:27 M40 53
432 Shamiso Sisimayi 01:37:12 F 13
461 Kevin Longmate 01:38:01 M 210
492 Nick Sugden 01:38:08 M 223
872 Louise O’Brien 01:43:30 F40 9
992 Simon Smith 01:46:43 M45 94
1164 Emma Lavelle-Wood 01:48:06 F40 15
1178 Chris Hudson 01:48:14 M40 175
1863 Justin Heath 01:58:25 M35 252
1897 Mark McKone 01:56:41 M35 256
1978 Katherine Hill 01:57:42 F 148
2015 Chris Hunt 01:58:52 M35 269
2108 Neil Marshall 01:51:43 M35 278
2386 Alice Chandler 01:55:49 F 229
2454 Yekanth Venkiteela 02:03:47 M 878
2931 Sandra Warren 02:02:44 F45 50
3039 Shevonne McLarnon 02:02:46 F40 117
3116 Rebecca Dwyer 02:03:20 F35 121
3255 Paul Chapman 02:05:56 M40 363
3630 Shanice Swales 02:11:16 F 495
4206 Patrick Nesden 02:18:03 M60 57
4267 Isaac Dell 02:20:15 M60 59
4327 Fiona Venner 02:18:49 F40 220
4386 Sean McEvoy 02:21:45 M50 257
4402 Joanne McGarey 02:21:26 F 722
5189 Matthew Stephenson 02:23:20 M 1467
5515 Vicki Hipkiss 02:30:23 F50 99
4959 Peter Hey 02:30:59 M60 70
5092 Baldish Sandhu 02:32:53 F45 170

John Carr 5k 2016 – Race 1 (Club Champs)

It was a lower than usual turn out for us last night at the first of the series of three 5k races. Only 14 Harriers battled for PBs and CC points over this flat “out & back” course in a total field of 371. There are 2 more chances to have a go over the next 2 Wednesdays. Well done to all our runners and to those who recorded a new PB.


Position Name Category Caty Pos Chip Time PB
23 Frederick Maier MSEN 16 00:17:10
75 Tim Dixon MSEN 31 00:18:50 PB
103 Christopher Glover M55 4 00:19:55
111 Adam Nodwell MSEN 38 00:20:06 PB
175 Emma Lavelle-Wood F40 4 00:22:02
202 Richard Thomas M50 18 00:22:57
205 Chris Hudson M40 26 00:22:51 First Race
222 Malcolm Taylor MSEN 48 00:23:27 PB
242 Alyson Glover F50 5 00:24:15
245 Rebecca Dwyer F35 16 00:24:15 PB
281 Collette Spencer F40 15 00:26:26
309 Elizabeth Walker FSEN 26 00:27:18
336 Samantha Broome FSEN 28 00:29:29
338 Jill Hudson F40 22 00:29:40 PB

East Leeds 10k – Club Championship Race 7

East Leeds 10k, the 7th race in the 2016 Kirkstall Harriers Club Championships, saw 8 harriers run a sold out event.

Liz Walker took the maximum 50 points. Nathan, Neil and Vicki all backing up their shiny new PBs with a top 4 CC finish. Well done all that run, even Simon took home a massive 43 points. Race points can be found here.

Neil’s 4th run this year makes him number 1, taking over from Sam’s short lived lead. The updated table can be found here.

Next up is John Carr 5k series on the next 3 Wednesdays. Your best time out of the 3 races counts as your CC time. Entries are still open!

Any questions, please give Malcolm Taylor a line on Facebook or malcolmtaylor789@hotmail.com


East Leeds 10k – Results (Club Champs race)

Well done to our 8 harriers taking part in the East Leeds 10k today. Some PBs were recorded. This was a club championship race, so points will be awarded and posted here soon by Malcolm.


Pos Name Category Gun Time Chip Time PB?
56 Simon Smith M40 00:45:52 00:45:41
66 Neil Marshall MSEN 00:46:58 00:46:47 PB
76 Kieran O’Brien M40 00:47:58 00:47:47
122 James Nundy MSEN 00:51:24 00:51:06
141 Nathan Molyneaux MSEN 00:53:15 00:53:02 PB
185 Liz Walker FSEN 00:56:18 00:56:06
217 Karen Boardman FSEN 00:58:38 00:58:26 First Race
226 Vicki Hipkiss F45 00:58:57 00:58:37 PB

3 Peaks Fell Race 2016

Well done to our four brave harriers who completed the tough 23.3 mile fell race on Saturday. Only Adam Moger has run the race before so the others were first timers.

Unless anyone knows differently, we believe that Rose is the first female Kirkstall Harrier ever to complete the event. Well done Rose!

Name Category Time Taken
Adam Moger MV40 04:15:40
Randolph Haggerty MV40 05:08:29
Adam Nodwell M 05:15:30
Rose George FV40 05:24:10

Chairman’s Chase 2016 – Results

We had 24 brave souls running this year despite the arctic conditions – and all the waiting around prior to their individual starts. There was a good turnout of about 10 spectators to cheer and guide them around the route – or had they just come for some of Alyson’s delighful chili?!

As with all handicap races, getting it just right is virtually impossible with all the different reasons of injury, recent results and of course the marathon and Yorkshire Vets weekend that had just passed. At least everyone found their way back to the finish and all in a reasonably good time – and without getting hypothermia. Good job some of the supporters had a nice warm car available – or had the excuse to get the food heated up.

First three home were three relatively new faces. In reverse order, we had Sean Scanlon with a run me of 46.40 finishing in 3rd place in 1.08.46. Second was James Finnigan with a run me of 46.40, finishing in 1.08.40, and first home was Mark Young with a run me of 43.57 finishing in 1.03.57.

Fastest lady on the night was Louise O’Brien with a run me of 44.43. Fastest man and picking up 18 places was Fred Maier with a run time of 35.24.

Unfortunately Andrew Cross was the last man over the line with a run me of 46.05, about 16 minutes behind Mark Young, but with a very good excuse of not having run for four weeks and being dragged down to the club on the night, not knowing it was a handicap race.

Many thanks to all of the supporters especially Malcolm Taylor who helped to ensure they all got off in the right order and on time, our injured runner Catherine Barrett who made sure they did not disappear into the dusk heading towards Stanningley/Pudsey, and Marion Muir for making sure we got them all in the right order with the right times at the finish.

For full results table please click here

Pictured: James Finnigan and Mark Young.


Peter Hey