Chairmans Chase – Club Championship Race 6

Race 6 was the annual Kirkstall Harriers Chairmans Chase. Although we didn’t all get the chance to chase down Chris, it was highly competitive and wet. Well done all!

As it was a Club Championship race, numbers were out in force (both runners and helpers). Two separate races took place, one for the trophy and one for the 50 points. Tim Dixon took the 50 points with a sub 40 minute 10k*, I must remember to lower your handicap next time! Carol and Nathan made up the top 3. Full results can be found here.

Samantha Broome (I swear no favouritism here) takes over from Ben Coldwell at the top of the leader board, owing to her completing 4 races and marathon/parkrun. Marathon and parkrun bonuses have also been updated for runners who have done London and Manchester in recent weeks. If I have missed you off I apologise, give me a shout and I will add you on. The full table can be found here.

There is still plenty of time to complete your 6 races, 4 parkruns and a marathon. Get running! East Leeds 10k is on Monday 2nd May (tomorrow), good luck for those running it. I will keep tabs on the results.

*handicap times have been amended to show it was 5.9 miles.

Virgin Money London Marathon 2016

A very well done goes to our members who did the VLM today. Some great times and a few first timers.


Place Overall Name Category HALF FINISH  
1635 » Ballantyne, Emma (GBR) 18-39 01:28:19 02:57:40 First Marathon
2161 » Coldwell, Ben (GBR) 18-39 01:22:19 03:00:55
2558 » Kennedy-Joyce, Richard (GBR) 18-39 01:26:29 03:04:44
4987 » Sisimayi, Shamiso (ZIM) 18-39 01:34:19 03:22:00
10077 » O’Brien, Kieran (GBR) 40-44 01:47:54 03:46:12
12683 » Muir, Marion (GBR) 40-44 01:57:14 03:55:38 First Marathon
19154 » Chapman, Paul (GBR) 40-44 02:04:18 04:19:17 PB
25732 » Heath, Justin Richard (GBR) 18-39 02:11:36 04:45:14 First Marathon
31027 » Buckley, Jill (GBR) 18-39 02:26:58 05:11:34  First Marathon
35957 » Broome, Samantha (GBR) 18-39 02:33:44 05:54:15 First Marathon


CC Race 5 – Guiseley Gallop 10k

Race 5 of the 2016 Club Championship saw the return of Guiseley Gallop on Easter Sunday. A slightly different course to 2015 due the recent flooding in the area. A few commented that it was “better but tougher” (I personally don’t get that reasoning!). An altogether successful run then!

19 Kirkstall Harriers took part in the event. Full results can be found here. Special mention to Adam “Noowell” Nodwell and John “Hohn” Hutchinson, making sure I was paying attention huh?. Also excellent runs by Peter Branney and Emma Clayton (both of Leeds City but close friends of the club!) in the top 10 overall.

Pos M F Name Cat Time   
26 25 Jack Hipkiss M 00:43:14
41 39 Paul Miller M 00:44:18
57 55 Adam Nodwell M 00:45:34
70 68 Christopher Glover M55 00:47:12
125 11 Emma Lavelle-Wood F40 00:50:39
130 119 Paul Grist M45 00:51:10
146 132 John Hutchinson M65 00:52:01
191 164 Chris Hudson M40 00:55:01
198 29 Marion Muir F40 00:55:36
239 193 Paul Glover M65 00:57:41
288 67 Becky Dwyer F35 01:00:27
310 79 Alyson Glover F50 01:01:57
333 91 Shevonne McLarnon F40 01:04:09
334 242 Nathan Molyneaux M35 01:04:10
397 139 Vicki Hipkiss F50 01:11:21
398 258 Peter Hey M50 01:11:38
399 140 Jill Hudson F40 01:11:48
404 145 Karen Longfellow F50 01:12:29

Well done all!

Now onto the important bit, the club championship. Jill Hudson had a good one, claiming all 50 points. A third of the KH runners came within 1% of your handicap time. Well done for making me look good.


The Club Championship results can be found here.

The updated table, with Ben retaining the lead but Adam Nodwell catching up, can be found here.


Any questions/queries, please speak to Malcolm Taylor at