PECO XC Race 3 – Middleton Park

It is congratulations all round yet again to our ladies team for finishing first in the premier division of the PECO XC race on Sunday. That makes it 3 wins out of 3 and strengthens their position at the top of the premier league table with 2 races to go.. The men did better than in previous races by coming 2nd in the First Division and gaining on our nearest rivals, Abbey Runners. The men remain in 2nd position in the league. For full results click here.

Thanks also to all those who came out to support and cheer on the teams.

For photos (thanks to Emma Jane and others) click here.

Our runners individual results are shown below. The A team counters are highlighted red. Note only one second claim runner is allow to count for a team.

The fourth race is the series is on Sunday 24th January at Golden Acre Park (11.00am start).


Pos Name Cat Time Cat Pos
7 Murray-Gourlay Alice FSEN 36:33:00 6
9 Jackson Niamh F35 37:38:00 1
28 Lavelle-Wood Emma F40 40:42:00 4
36 Drew Helen F35 41:14:00 9
56 Camm Jill F35 42:50:00 15
60 Burgess Helen FSEN 43:06:00 31
64 Yamaguchi Hikari FSEN 43:26:00 33
67 O’Brien Louise F40 44:00:00 11
77 Brigginshaw Emma F35 45:20:00 18
91 King Sheila F50 45:55:00 5
99 Barrett Catherine F35 46:32:00 26
114 Glover Alyson F50 47:32:00 10
118 Muir Marion F40 48:04:00 15
124 George Rose F45 48:15:00 13
130 Malinowska Dominika FSEN 48:43:00 48
142 Spencer Collette F40 49:29:00 24
181 Moran Carol F50 53:13:00 22
185 Davies Laura F35 53:22:00 38
198 Hipkiss Vicki F50 54:41:00 27
202 Walker Liz FSEN 54:51:00 61
210 Broome Samantha FSEN 55:48:00 63
220 Cameron Rhona F55 56:17:00 6
277 Rathbone Gemma FSEN 01:05:37 76
279 Hudson Jill F40 01:06:59 52


Pos Name Cat Time Cat Pos
25 Hewitt (SC) Phil MSEN 32:33:00 18
48 Hipkiss Jack MSEN 33:42:00 32
76 Coldwell Ben MSEN 34:56:00 45
98 Webb Steve MSEN 35:49:00 57
112 Miller Paul MSEN 36:18:00 67
119 Carter Andrew M50 36:37:00 11
127 Moger Adam M40 37:00:00 25
134 Roberts (SC) Mike MSEN 37:17:00 77
137 Glover Chris M50 37:21:00 14
142 Longmate Kevin MSEN 37:27:00 79
213 Haggerty Randolph M45 40:07:00 32
217 Rhodes Adam MSEN 40:11:00 109
231 Mealey Liam MSEN 40:47:00 113
243 Nodwell Adam MSEN 41:47:00 119
258 Smith Simon M45 43:02:00 39
263 O’Brien Kieran MSEN 43:23:00 126
277 Hudson Chris M40 44:16:00 47
288 Manthorp James MSEN 44:44:00 134
332 Nundy James MSEN 48:21:00 142
367 Taylor Malcolm MSEN 53:09:00 153
369 O’Halloran Sean MSEN 53:16:00 154
382 Hey Peter M60 56:18:00 12
383 Nesden Patrick M60 56:25:00 13


Club Championship 2015

And so our Club Championship for 2015 has come to an end and the results are now public, congratulations go to Paul Newton, Helen Burgess and Patrick Nesden!

In the end we had 108 members gain points over the course of the year so thank you all for coming out to play through some horrible weather, lovely mud and hilly courses. It may not be some peoples preference, but oddly it has been my pleasure to doddle around with spreadsheets & the likes (geek yes) so it has been a fun year for me. Hopefully you’ve had some fun along the way too, I never realised how seriously people take the championship (which is by no means a bad thing – on the contrary, I’ve happily had discussion on the nitty gritty of it!).

By all means give me a shout if you have any queries or general interest (  or hold on to them & give your new championship co-ordinator (Malcolm Taylor) a test of his mettle in early January.

The full leaderboard for 2015 is here for your perusal, along with the individual results for each race in the season here.

The upcoming 2016 Club Championship Calendar is here, kicking off with the PECO on the 24th January.


Winter Time Trial Series 15/16 – Race 3 – December

We were blessed with relatively good weather again for the time of year, a bit blustery and the runners did complain that it was against them all the way round, as we always do. We had 25 starters and 24 finishers. Poor Gary is still trying to get over his bug so decided to take the short cut across the playing fields.

First 3 over the line were our newer members and first timers to the time trial. Andrea Fox with a run time of 22.01, Paul Griss 21.11 and Helen Kucharczyk 27.19. Any benefit of any doubts over their run times will be ignored for their next runs.

Laura Davies did a good time on her birthday but could only finish 10th but was rewarded with one of the festive small prizes.

Bringing up the rear – again – was Patrick Nesden in a very slow time of 34.34, but he had reccied the Rombalds Stride (with Sam Broome) the Sunday just gone.

Fastest female on the night was Andrea Fox and the male was Hal Roberts with 18.48. Many thanks to Bethan Thomas-Lloyd and Vikki Daniels for ensuring they all started on time, took the correct turns at the end, and were recorded in the correct order and times – (hopefully).

If anyone has any queries with their times – please let me know.

Full results available at this link, including your actual run time.

The next one will be in the second week of January (I think), likely to be a Monday. Check the training schedule when it is published at the end of the month.

Remember, this is a winter series & points are accumulated based on your finish position in each TT, with your best 4 results of 6 to count.

Historic 5k TT results are available here.