Club Championship – Race 19 – Abbey Dash

After my fair weather runner comments I got what was coming to me & a very wet cycle down to the Abbey Dash, lucked out for it to dry up just before the start though.

Bumper turnout for the CC finale of 39 members with Chris Hudson taking home 50 points, followed by Justin Newall and Liz Walker.

For the full club championship results table click here. Let me know ASAP if there are any errors or omissions – trophies are being ordered this weekend!

The presentation to the winners will be at the Christmas Fuddle (21st December).

Please go here and check you have been allocated the correct bonus points for parkruns & marathons. The deadline for running qualifying bonus point races has now passed, if you’re not on the list but think you qualify, let me know ASAP – you’ve already had ample opportunity!

Steve Webb

PECO XC Race 1 – Temple Newsam

In the first race of the XC season we had a massive turn out of 51 members for the club. 28 women and 23 men took on a record total field of senior runners of 786.

The race also saw our own Peter Hey return to competition and the purple vest after his recovery from a heart attack. It was great to see Peter representing the club once again.

It had many of the ingredients for a classic cross country race (cold, mud and hills). The fourth and fifth elements (wind and rain) were thankfully missing on this occasion.

The ladies had a great result and are off to a flying start by finishing first in the premier league. A fantastic start to the season.

The men finished third in the first division and can improve on that in future races.

For full results click here

The next race is on Sunday 13th December at West Park

Our results are below. Note that the counters are in red but all runners help the team results by pushing up the scores for runners in other clubs, so everyone contributes to the success.

Ladies Race (341 finishers)

Pos Name   Cat Time Cat Pos
9 Murray-Gourlay Alice FSEN 00:32:36 7
13 Jackson Niamh F35 00:33:03 2
18 Ballantyne Emma FSEN 00:33:27 11
19 Sisimayi Shamiso FSEN 00:33:31 12
44 Drew Helen F35 00:36:12 11
80 O’Brien Louise F40 00:38:35 12
82 Brigginshaw Emma F35 00:38:38 22
117 Muir Marion F40 00:40:35 15
133 Barrett Catherine F35 00:41:17 37
140 George Rose F45 00:41:46 16
142 Glover Alyson F50 00:42:02 13
165 Moran Carol F50 00:43:09 17
192 Dwyer Becky F35 00:44:21 41
201 Walker Liz FSEN 00:44:53 62
223 Davies Laura F35 00:46:05 47
227 Hipkiss Vicki F50 00:46:26 28
228 Lee Hannah FSEN 00:46:29 66
246 Broome Samantha FSEN 00:47:37 69
262 Longfellow Karen F45 00:48:49 37
263 Malinowska Dominika FSEN 00:48:51 72
267 Rhodes Clare F35 00:49:12 51
269 Rycroft Ceata F40 00:49:34 50
275 Sandhu Baldish F45 00:49:58 39
289 Cameron Rhona F55 00:52:05 13
312 Thomas Diane F50 00:54:40 45
320 Buckley Jill F35 00:56:43 58
336 Hustwit Emma Jane F40 01:11:59 60
337 Rathbone Gemma FSEN 01:12:00 84

Mens Race (456 finishers)

Pos Name   Cat Time Cat Pos
48 Woodman James MSEN 00:29:32 33
91 Webb Steve MSEN 00:30:56 60
96 Miller Paul MSEN 00:31:02 62
134 Moger Adam M40 00:32:03 28
151 Nodwell Adam MSEN 00:32:43 87
171 Carter Andrew M50 00:33:19 13
180 Hallam Paul MSEN 00:33:33 102
222 Glover Chris M50 00:34:37 22
230 Smith Simon M45 00:34:55 33
238 Rhodes Adam MSEN 00:35:07 120
261 Dazin Timothe MSEN 00:36:02 129
313 Hutchinson John M65 00:37:47 3
321 Clark Ben MSEN 00:38:03 152
326 Carlisle Gary M50 00:38:17 39
340 Hudson Chris M40 00:38:53 67
346 Britton Peter M55 00:39:07 22
359 Shaw Antony M65 00:39:37 7
376 Chapman Paul M40 00:40:50 72
378 Nundy James MSEN 00:41:00 164
431 O’Halloran Sean MSEN 00:45:14 179
433 Kelly Kevin M40 00:45:45 77
436 Taylor Malcolm MSEN 00:46:02 181
449 Hey Peter M60 00:50:47 17

Abbey Dash 2015

38 Harriers braved the wind and rain last Sunday in the Abbey Dash 10k. Many recorded new PBs despite the poor conditions and some were running the distance for the first time. Well done to everyone and all those Harriers who lined the route to cheer on our runners. This was the last CC race of 2015 so Steve will be posting the points table on here soon.

Name Time PB?
1 Steve Webb 00:39:17
2 Hal Roberts 00:39:27
3 Adam Moger 00:40:36
4 Andy Carter 00:40:48
5 Niamh Jackson 00:41:03
6 Shamiso Sisimayi 00:41:46
7 Joe Steele 00:42:41
8 Adam Nodwell 00:42:50 PB
9 Colin Chapman 00:43:14
10 Simon Smith 00:43:27
11 Emma Lavelle-Wood 00:43:48 PB
12 Justin Newall 00:45:20
13 Timothe Dazin 00:45:56
14 Sean Cook 00:47:01
15 Catherine Barrett 00:47:52 PB
16 Louise O’Brien 00:48:18 PB
17 Jemma Arfield 00:48:25 PB
18 Chris Hudson 00:48:27 First 10k
19 Mark McKone 00:49:25
20 Paul Chapman 00:49:35 PB
21 Anthony Shaw 00:49:52
22 James Nundy 00:50:16
23 Katherine Hill 00:50:30
24 Catherine McIlroy 00:51:20 PB
25 Ben Clark 00:51:26 First 10k
26 Neil Marshall 00:51:33
27 Collette Spencer 00:53:41
28 Rebecca Dwyer 00:54:18
29 Shevonne McLarnon 00:54:20 PB
30 Liz Walker 00:55:16 PB
31 Nathan Molyneaux 00:56:11 PB
32 Chris Scott 00:56:42 PB
33 Yekanth Venkiteela 00:57:18
34 Malcolm Taylor 00:58:22 PB
35 Ceata Rycroft 00:58:55
36 John Kelly 01:01:15
37 Isaac Dell 01:02:58
38 Mark Skinner 01:07:50

PECO XC Number Allocation

The PECO XC race numbers are now ready for collection, please see Adam or Steve on Monday/Wednesday to collect you number. It would really help us out if you remember to collect these at training so as to limit the amount that has to be done pre-race on Sunday.

Those who are registered for race 1 are listed at this link. If you’re not on this list then we can squeeze you in if you get in touch by tomorrow evening, however you will be running as a guest and not count towards the club points. You will count from Race 2 onwards.


Kirkstall Harriers Lamp Post Orienteering

For info, prior to Wednesday nights training run.

Wednesday 18th November’s training session will be a “fun” orienteering session, around many of our normal training routes. As individuals/pairs you will be given an orienteering map of the area as attached (with the addition of a number of Control Points). You will be given ten minutes “planning time” to devise the route you think will gain you the most number of points possible. You will then be given one hour “running time” to try and gain those points. Points will be given for correctly identifying the Control Points, with the value of Control Points varying with difficulty to find and distance from KLC.

To give you an idea of the area being used, James has kindly sent across the map without the points marked. Wouldn’t want anybody cheating now would we!? It’s at this link if you would like to have a look.


  • all “Control Points” are lamp posts, identified on the map by a coloured number;
  • Control Points can be visited in any order, or not at all;
  • all Control Points are marked somewhere by the council with a unique identifier;
  • all Control Points are at an obvious location i.e. near a road junction, street corner or street end;
  • once you’ve located a control point, write down the unique identifier;
  • points will be given as follows:
    • Control Points 1 – 10 (green) + 10 points
    • Control Points 11 – 20 (orange) + 20 points
    • Control Points 21 – 25 (red) + 30 points
    • Identifying Alan’s favourite lamp post + 30 points
    • For returning each minute or partial minute after the allotted time – 10 points
  • The individual/pair with the most points wins;
  • please stick to public rights of way, no jumping over garden fences etc. You may use local knowledge for shortcuts and footpaths which may not be on the map, but ensure you can reorient yourself afterwards;
  • no use of phones/navigation devices, they’ll likely only get you more lost; and
  • if you do get completely lost my no. is +447760 252 248. Although I might not be able to do anything but laugh.

Top Tips

  • maintain good contact with the map – there are no road names, there are no grid squares, you probably don’t have a compass;
  • plan a route – it is not possible for you to visit every Control Point in the hour. Be realistic with your pace, or you’ll be fined heavily for returning late; and
  • have fun, there’s prizes to be won, the reward is in the risk!