Yorkshire Vets Race 1 – Pudsey 2014

In the most muddy conditions imaginable, our band of runners slid and splashed around the course. Some collected more mud on their running kit that they had hoped for!

The ladies team finished 7th (first 4 to count) and 3rd (all to count).

The mens team finished 4th (first 4 to count) and 3rd (all to count).

Also, congratulations to our prize winners: Emma Lavelle-Wood (1st F35), Alyson Glover (2nd F45) and John Hutchinson (3rd M65).

For photos click here. Many thanks to Harriet for these and a few from David Womersley.

Thanks to Emma H, Patrick, Paul M, Harriet, Livvy and Eric for your support.

For full results click here

For team positions after this first race click here


Our results are below:


Pos Name Cat Time Points
14 Emma Lavelle-Wood F35 46:44:00 137
30 Alyson Glover F45 53:13:00 121
37 Rhona Cameron F55 54:36:00 114
40 Karen Longfellow F45 57:55:00 111
42 Carol Moran F50 62:47:00 109
43 Jill Buckley F35 65:27:00 108
46 Bal Sandhu F45 68:56:00 105


Pos Name Cat Time Points
5 Alan Brydon Guest 32:53:00 N/A
16 Ben Coldwell Guest 35:38:00 N/A
23 Christopher Glover M50 37:33:00 178
32 Adam Moger M35 38:37:00 169
50 Andrew Kirby M35 40:37:00 151
61 Gary Carlisle M50 42:41:00 140
67 Richard Thomas M50 43:02:00 134
68 John Hutchinson M65 43:13:00 133
69 Jon Potts M60 43:23:00 132
71 Mark Skinner M50 44:02:00 130
103 Peter Hey M60 50:18:00 98
105 Matt Sykes-Hooban M35 50:47:00 96
110 James Nundy M35 52:50:00 91

February 2014 – Newsletter

It is February already and we are well into the 2014 race calendar. News of the club’s recent performances in the PECO XC league as well as race reports and member’s favourite recipes can be found in this month’s edition of the club newsletter which has been edited for the first time by James Nundy. Thanks to James for a great edition.

The member profile this month is David Wood.

February 2014 – Newsletter

Helsby Half Marathon 2014

We had 8 members travel over to Helsby in Cheshire to run in Gemma’s home town marathon.

Thanks to Bal for providing transport.

Two of our runners got themselves new PBs. Well done to them and all who travelled to represent the club.

For full results click here

Pos Name Time  
534 Jason Buckley 01:37:57
586 Laura Hogg 01:39:09 PB
720 Gary Carlisle 01:42:52
761 Kieran O Brien 01:43:46 PB
1427 Burjor Langdana 02:02:59
1586 Jill Buckley 02:11:24
1693 Baldish Sandhu 02:19:36
1694 Gemma Rathbone 02:19:43

Brass Monkey HM 2014

Well done to the Harriers who were running in the flat half marathon in York.

Here are our results. Congratulation to those who got a new HM PB.

For full results click here

Pos Nmae Time
34 Scott Anderson 01:18:10 PB
154 Adam Moger 01:25:58 PB
253 Rory Smith 01:30:15 PB
430 Shamiso Sisimayi 01:36:00
547 Colin Chapman 01:39:25
1425 ian Brown 02:30:45