PECO XC Race 4 – West Park

We had 49 runners at the mud fest. Another fantastic turn out for the club. The overall attendance was down to 480.

Here are our results with finish times:


Pos Name Cat Time
176 Hogg Laura F Sen 44:34:00
192 Jackson Niamh F Sen 45:27:00
223 Yamaguchi Hikari F Sen 46:58:00
270 Gallon Eleanor F Sen 49:19:00
314 Beatie Sharon F Sen 51:57:00
316 George Rose FV40 51:58:00
343 Glover Alyson FV45 53:52:00
350 Daniel Vikki F Sen 54:10:00
351 Lee Hannah F Sen 54:25:00
373 Thomas-Lloyd Bethan F Sen 55:54:00
377 Spencer Collette FV40 56:27:00
381 Goldthorpe Helen FV35 56:44:00
389 Kearns Rachael F Sen 57:31:00
391 Churm Lucy FV35 57:35:00
408 Cameron Rhona FV55 58:42:00
410 Longfellow Karen FV45 58:56:00
420 Dwyer Becky F Sen 01:00:08
423 Moran Carol FV50 01:00:29
445 Buckley Jill FV35 01:04:59
455 Sandhu Baldish FV45 01:07:02
456 Davies Laura FV35 01:07:10


Pos Name Cat Time
22 Brydon Alan M Sen 36:23:00
34 Cross Andrew M Sen 37:04:00
46 Coldwell Ben M Sen 38:10:00
75 Joyce Richard M Sen 39:35:00
77 Miller Paul M Sen 39:41:00
93 Glover Christopher MV50 40:29:00
101 Webb Stephen M Sen 40:51:00
114 Moger Adam M Sen 41:41:00
121 Mealey Liam M Sen 41:52:00
141 Crooks Jamie M Sen 43:02:00
155 Carlisle Gary MV50 43:52:00
185 Savage Martin M Sen 45:06:00
191 Kirby Andrew M Sen 45:26:00
203 Thomas Richard MV50 46:06:00
209 O’Brien Kieran M Sen 46:29:00
213 Hutchinson John MV65 46:40:00
214 Clayton Nick M Sen 46:41:00
226 Wallace Neil M Sen 47:01:00
234 Potts John MV60 47:21:00
238 Skinner Mark MV50 47:31:00
249 Haggerty Randolph MV45 48:03:00
353 Nundy James M Sen 54:40:00
354 Langdana Burjor MV45 54:44:00
359 Hey Peter MV60 54:55:00
368 Bromley Russell M Sen 55:27:00
412 Hooban Matt M Sen 58:59:00
444 Fisher Graham MV40 01:04:52
470 Taylor Malcolm M Sen 01:14:01

AGM 2014 & Presentations


The AGM took place on Monday evening and here are the main items from the meeting and presentations:

Election of Officers for 2014
Chairman – Chris Glover
Secretary – Jill Buckley
Treasurer – Paul Miller

Election of Committee for 2014
Adam Moger
Marion Muir
Jason Buckley
Carol Moran
Bal Sandhu
Kieran O Brien
Matt Sykes Hooban
Sam Broome
Rose George
James Nundy

Election of Team Captains
Ladies Captain – Marion Muir
Ladies Vice Captain – Alyson Glover
Mens Captain – Adam Moger
Mens Vice Captain – Jason Buckley

2014 Subscriptions

The subscriptions were kept at the same level as last year: £25 full, £10 second claim.

After the AGM, the following presentations were made by Mens Captain – Adam Moger:

Club Championship 2013

1st – Vikki Daniel
2nd – Graham Pilling
3rd – Chris Glover

Sportsman/Woman of the Year

Sportswoman of 2013 – Gemma Rathbone
Sportsman of 2013 – Chris Glover

Congratulations to the trophy winners. For photos click here

PECO XC Race 4 – West Park

Well it was muddy! A bit of an understatement for the 4th in the 5 race PECO XC series held at West Park. We had another great turnout. Thanks to all those who took on the mud and represented the club. Thanks to the race organisers for a great organisation around a good course.

The early indications are that the ladies team came 3rd in the premiere league and the men came 4th in the premiere league. That is a fantastic result considering the number of runners we had missing today.

Well done to Lucy, Malcolm and Nick on their first race for the club.

Thanks to Emma H, Patrick, Diane T, Stuart, Livvy and Eric and Steve W’s girlfreind for their support.

Let’s all hope that Sam’s ankle heals quickly and she is back running soon. Thanks to the race marshals for helping Sam.

Results and CC tables to follow.

For the many of the great photos taken, thanks mainly to Stewart, click here

Club Championship Update After Race 2

The points awards for race 2 are below. Well done to Mark McKone, Laura Hogg and Kimberley Ridout for taking to top three scores.

The full result table is here

The updated league table is here

Taking over at the top of the table after 2 races is Mr Consistency himself – Peter Hey. Well done Peter.

Name Points
Mark McKone 50
Laura Hogg 49
Kimberley Ridout 48
Jamie Crooks 47
Peter Hey 46
Adam Rhodes 45
Burjor Langdana 44
Hikari Yamaguchi 43
Jon Potts 42
Jill Buckley 41
Colin Chapman 40
Richard Joyce 39
Isacc Dell 38
Christopher Glover 37
Vikki Daniel 36
Alyson Glover 35
Paul Miller 34
Adam Moger 33
Gemma Rathbone 32