Leeds 10k

We had 14 members (that we know about) running the Leeds 10k in a total field of 7029 in the blazing sun. Despite the difficult conditions, five of them recorded PBs.

Our members results are below. For full results click here

For photos taken by Alyson click here

If you ran (as Kirkstall or in a corporate team) and we have not captured your result, please let us know.

Time Name Cat
00:40:29 Steve Goves (M) 15-34
00:42:03 Chris Glover (M) 45-54
00:42:34 Shamiso Sisimayi (F) 15-34 PB
00:44:18 Sean Cook (M) 15-34 PB
00:49:25 Kevin Green (M) 15-34
00:49:34 Mosa (M) 35-44
00:50:15 Kieran O’brien (M) 35-44 PB
00:51:08 Victoria Daniel (F) 15-34
00:52:01 Sophia Bull (F) 15-34 PB
00:52:23 James Nundy (M) 35-44
00:53:11 Eleanor Gallon (F) 15-34
00:58:06 Gemma Rathbone (F) 15-34 PB
01:08:05 Ian Brown (M) 55+
01:08:49 Isaac Dell (M) 55+


Kirkstall Festival

We had a very enjoyable and successful day at the Kirkstall Festival. The weather was hot (again!) but thankfully we had a shaded location for our club stall.

The new club gazebo looked resplendent alongside the feather flag and we did the club proud.

The festival attracted a large number of visitors due to the good weather.

Many thanks to all those who helped out though the day, especially Jill, Jason, Matt, Sam, Vikki, Gemma and Laura who all put in a full day!

Eric & Daphny (seen below attacking Sam) also did a full day but Chris & Alyson had to go home to a couple of hours rest in the afternoon.

We made £90 on the day which will all go to Wheatfields.

Good luck to all those running in the heat tomorrow at the Northumberland Coastal Run and the Leeds 10k.

For photos click here


Club Championship Race 10 – HPH Summer Mile – Results

18 members took part in the evening 1 mile race around Woodhouse Moor to compete for valuable club championship points.

Thanks to supporters Eleanor, Andrew, Karen (photos) and Rhona (marshall). Our runners results are in the table below:

1 00:05:05.0 Scott Anderson First 1 mile
2 00:05:10.8 Paul Miller First 1 mile
3 00:05:11.5 Alan Brydon First 1 mile
4 00:05:30.1 Stephen Webb First 1 mile
5 00:05:40.2 Adam Moger PB
6 00:05:42.0 Liam Mealey PB
7 00:05:43.2 Christopher Glover
8 00:05:43.9 Colin Chapman PB
9 00:05:56.7 Sean Cook PB
10 00:06:12.0 Shamiso Sisimayi PB
11 00:06:24.7 James Nundy First 1 mile
12 00:06:45.2 Paul Glover PB
13 00:06:56.1 Kieran O’Brien First 1 mile
14 00:07:09.1 Vikki Daniel First 1 mile
15 00:07:16.7 Alyson Glover
16 00:07:26.1 Helen Goldthorpe
17 00:08:10.6 Gemma Rathbone First 1 mile
18 00:08:37.3 Baldish Sandhu First 1 mile

The points table is here

The updated league table is here

For photos click here

For full results click here

Well done to all, especially Vikki Daniel who takes the lead in the championship by one point! Things are hotting up now as more runners get their 6 CC races to count.

Next CC race is the Pudsey 10k on 21 July.


Club Championship Update after Race 9 – Eccup 10

It could may been the hottest day of the summer. It certainly was not running weather!

Despite the scorchio conditions, 25 Harriers completed the course and some recorded new PBs! We also had a few first timers at the distance. A record 751 took part in the event.

The results for our runners are below:

Race CC points table is here

Updated CC league table is here

For full race results click here

For photos click here

Pos Time Name Cat
24  01:02:51  SCOTT  ANDERSON  M OPEN PB
49  01:06:03  JOHN PAUL  OTOOLE  M OPEN PB
65  01:07:12  PAUL  MILLER  M OPEN
101  01:10:28  LIAM  MEALEY  M OPEN PB
139  01:13:28  CHRISTOPHER  GLOVER  M50
147  01:13:59  STEVE  WEBB  M OPEN PB
149  01:14:04  JOHN  HUTCHINSON  M65
166  01:14:56  MARTIN  ROCKS  M OPEN First 10m
182  01:15:44  GARY  CARLISLE  M50 First 10m
246  01:19:49  SEAN  COOK  M OPEN
251  01:19:59  JON  POTTS  M60 First 10m
338  01:23:52  JO  KENDALL  F OPEN First 10m
351  01:24:37  KIERAN  O’BRIEN  M OPEN PB
404  01:27:40  HELEN  GOLDTHORPE  F35
409  01:27:52  KEVIN  GREEN  M OPEN First 10m
434  01:29:17  ALYSON  GLOVER  F45
494  01:33:48  VICTORIA  DANIEL  F OPEN First 10m
524  01:36:40  PETER  HEY  M60
617  01:42:14  KAREN  LONGFELLOW  F45
620  01:42:26  REBECCA  DWYER  F OPEN First 10m
651  01:45:52  GEMMA  RATHBONE  F OPEN First 10m
672  01:48:20  SANDHU  BALDISH  F45
718  01:54:16  LAURA  DAVIES  F35 First 10m
748  02:09:54  SAMANTHA  BROOME  F OPEN First 10m