Club Championship Race 4 – Combined Spen 20 and East Hull 20

For the year’s first combined Club Championship race we had two 20 milers to go at. Two of the best pre marathon training races in the country, it seemed a shame to just have one of them!

We had a total of 10 runners across both races taking part. PS I hope your all paid up members to take part in the Club Championship as written in the rules!

Name Time Race
Andy Carter 02:24:26 Spen 20
Adam Moger 02:42:02 Spen 20
Jacqueline Elmer 03:50:08 Spen 20
Ben Coldwell 02:16:27 East Hull 20
Shamiso Sisimayi* 02:28:41 East Hull 20
Paul Grist 02:45:51 East Hull 20
Kieran O’Brien 02:49:35 East Hull 20
Simon Smith 02:56:11 East Hull 20
Lisa Gibson 03:04:14 Esat Hull 20
Malcolm Taylor 03:39:28 East Hull 20

*6th Overall and 1st in Age Category


I have updated the Club Championship Race Results page with the awarded points, but the top 3 against their 20 mile handicap is:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Jacqueline Elmer 04:13:29 9.21% 03:50:08 50
2 Paul Grist 03:01:15 8.50% 02:45:51 49
3 Shamiso Sisimayi 02:40:07 7.14% 02:28:41 48

The full table can be found here.



Next up we have Vale of York 10 on the 9th March, inconveniently clashes with our weekend away but if you aren’t able to make it to Northumberland, a few points will be on offer here!

PECO XC Relays 2017

Well done to our 5 teams who completed in the annual PECO XC relays. This year it was held at Northowram CC and it sounds like it was a tough course.

Our Ladies Vet 40 team won their category and our club representative team just missed out on retaining the trophy coming in second. Our mens open team also came second in their category, so it was a very good showing for the club. Many thanks to our Mens Captain, Simon Smith for organising the teams this year.

For full results click here

For photos by Woodentops click here

PECO v WYWL Relay (12th March 2017)
Pos Team Name Category Leg 1 Runner Leg 1 Leg 2 Runner Leg 2 Leg 3 Runner Leg 3 Total
10 Kirkstall Harriers Club Team Club Team Fred Maier 22:13 Chris Hudson 26:49 Alice Murray-Gourlay 24:20 1:13:22
15 Kirkstall Fast Boys Men’s Open Adam Nodwell 27:14 Matt Kasparek 27:35 Kevin Longmate 23:16 1:18:05
30 Kirkstall Gazelles LV40+ Louise O’Brien 31:40 Marion Muir 30:05 Emma Lavelle-Wood 25:54 1:27:39
39 Kirkstall Rose & Thorns Ad Hoc Noel Akers 31:09 Anne Akers 45:30 Simon Smith 30:21 1:47:00
40 Kirkstall Ad-Hocs Ad Hoc Jill Buckley 52:15 Catherine James 35:43 Randolph Haggerty 23:40 1:51:38
  Gav Mulholland 18:55
  Crystal Goecker 22:49
Note that Leg 1 was around 400m longer than Legs 2 & 3

5k Winter Time Trial 6 – Results

Only 20 runners and riders showed up for the last time trial of this winter – and it was quite a nice warm night. The start was a bit late in getting under way – due to a computer error – or some idiot printing off the wrong spreadsheet??? We had 2 new faces for this series, who probably opted for a longer run if they accidently came down on the wrong night – or avoided it altogether??? Jill Camm and Kelvin Horner The route this time was the reverse option and hopefully everyone went the right way. First over the line – again was new member Matt Evans who was seen to finish the correct way this time – with the fastest run time of the night with 19.35, just beating Lee Hardy’s 19.44, which was a pb for Lee. Seocnd was Collette who may have been given a slight advantage with the rushed handicapping with a run time o 26.02 but it was only 1 second slower than her pb for the season Third was the erotic – sorry erratic  Dave Wood who got a seasons best of 27.46 Fourth was Carol Moran with a season best of 25.46, and relatively new member Catherine Cat James 26.24 beating her only other time  by nearly a minute. Jill Camm was the fastest lady with a time of 22.00 beating her best time from previous years. Sadly bringing up the rear was Matt Sykes-Hooban with a poor run time for him of 28.42. The finishing positions will be checked against what should have been their set off times and any adjustments needed will be made. Hopefully this will not affect the final results of the best 4 finishes out of 6 races for this season. The results will be announced later this month. Many thanks for Lucy, Sam Broome and Simon Smith for helping them all get started and finished as best as we could on the night.

Time Trial 6 – Results



PECO XC Race 5 – Roundhay

We had an excellent turn out of 49 members yesterday for the final race of the PECO XC season.

The full field of 653 men and ladies started together in a mass start down a very wet and slippery grass slope. The conditions were wet but nowhere near as muddy as race 4 at Barnbow 2 weeks ago. Well done to all who ran.

In the league our ladies have followed last year’s win with a 3rd place finish in the premier league. Our men finished last in the premier league, so will be battling to bounce straight back from the First Division next year.

Our members performances are shown below. For full results click here

For photos click here.

Ladies Race

    PECO Cross Country League 2016-17: Race 5 (Roundhay Park)
Senior Ladies Results
Position First Name Surname Age Category Time Cat Pos
6 Alice Murray-Gourlay FSEN 0:33:21 5
9 Niamh Jackson F35 0:34:03 3
44 Jill Camm F35 0:38:07 13
68 Louise O’Brien F40 0:40:49 11
98 Marion Muir F40 0:42:38 16
100 Sheila King F50 0:42:42 9
106 Eleanor Gallon F35 0:43:32 24
111 Rachael Kearns FSEN 0:43:49 47
137 Alyson Glover F50 0:45:11 18
149 Catherine Barrett F35 0:46:12 33
160 Hannah Newman FSEN 0:46:52 55
166 Carol Moran F55 0:47:07 5
185 Shevonne McLarnon F40 0:48:26 32
190 Jemma Roe FSEN 0:48:53 63
195 Vicki Hipkiss F50 0:49:16 27
205 Liz Walker FSEN 0:50:41 65
207 Laura Davies F35 0:50:53 39
236 Jill Hudson F40 0:54:30 37
247 Diane Thomas F50 0:58:09 35
255 Hannah Lee FSEN 1:01:13 76
256 Samantha Broome FSEN 1:01:13 77


Mens Race

    PECO Cross Country League 2016-17: Race 5 (Roundhay Park)
Senior Men’s Results
Position First Name Surname Age Category Time Cat Pos
48 David Hodkin MSEN 0:31:07 33
88 Lee Hardy MSEN 0:32:25 57
95 Ben Coldwell MSEN 0:32:39 60
99 Fred Maier MSEN 0:32:54 61
107 Andrew Carter M50 0:33:12 9
119 Kevin Longmate MSEN 0:33:51 70
122 Stephen Burrell MSEN 0:33:56 72
133 Paul Miller MSEN 0:34:20 77
144 Adam Moger M40 0:34:46 28
169 Paul Grist M45 0:35:44 21
170 Randolph Haggerty M45 0:35:44 22
180 Chris Glover M55 0:36:04 11
218 Adam Nodwell MSEN 0:37:42 111
220 Simon Boardman MSEN 0:37:45 112
224 Jim Mawer MSEN 0:37:51 113
228 Simon Hands MSEN 0:38:02 116
229 Chris Hudson M40 0:38:03 34
255 Matt Kasparek MSEN 0:39:10 122
261 Stephen Groves MSEN 0:39:22 123
266 Neil Marshall MSEN 0:39:41 126
270 Simon Smith M45 0:39:59 42
283 John Hutchinson M65 0:40:36 5
307 Peter Britton M55 0:41:51 32
308 Kieran O’Brien M40 0:41:52 46
335 Paul Glover M70 0:43:45 4
351 Sean O’Halloran MSEN 0:46:20 144
354 Malcolm Taylor MSEN 0:46:30 146
380 Peter Hey M60 0:52:48 15

National XC Championships – Nottingham

Hats off to the three Harriers who represented the club against the best in the country yesterday in Nottingham at the National cross country championships. It looks like it was a very muddy course. Well done to Chris, Kieran and Sean.

Results from yesterday’s National XC Championships (1763 finishers)

1526 1:04:25 Chris Hudson
1576 1:06:05 Kieran O’Brien
1730 1:16:08 Sean O’Halloran

Club Championship Race 3 – PECO Barnbow Fields

Apologies for my tardiness folks, but marathon training takes up a lot of my free time recently (that and trampolining – see Adam Mogers post on Facebook).

Not even 2 months into 2017 and we’ve had 3 races already, race season has started in earnest! Sunday saw the turn of PECO taking centre stage in the Club Championship, with a muddy 5 mile course in play. Chris has already posted the resultson the website, see the previous posts for results. CC points have been dished out, the top 3 are below. Again I must apologise, I gave a slightly different top 3 at the AGM but with an updated set of handicaps not loaded into the spreadsheet, it has changed it! It seems to have favoured our quick runners, maybe the mens team deserved better than a 7th place in the league! The top 3 below:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Tim Dixon 00:39:52 10.84% 00:35:33 50
2 Rachael Kearns 00:56:40 9.62% 00:51:13 49
3 Lee Hardy 00:40:24 8.93% 00:36:48 48

The full results, including previous races, can be found here.

The results mean a bit of a shake up in the table, with Chris Hudson taking the lead, followed closely by Alex Potts who has maximum points from her 2 races so far. Keep up the good work! The full table can be found here.


Next up is the first combined race in the series, with both Spen 20 and East Hull 20 counting as one race, if you happen to do both, your best performance against handicap will count. A full list of 2017 races can be found here.