Northern XC Championships – Pontefract

The club were well represented today at the North of England annual XC championships. The standard is always very high and this year was no exception. We had 10 women and 7 men running. This may be a club record for these championships. The conditions were tough with many sections of deep sticky mud to negotiate.

Thanks to Laura D, James W, Helen B, Emma Jane, Malcolm and Eric for your great support in cold conditions.

The women came 31st out of 41 teams. Well done again. The men were 49th out of 58 teams. Not bad at all. Our first placed runners delivered very good prefromances. Niamh finishing an impressive 89th out of a very strong field of 334 and Alan 245 out of 698.

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Womens Individual Results

Pos Name Time
89 Niamh Jackson 00:35:28
237 Marion Muir 00:43:02
241 Rose George 00:43:20
267 Hannah Lee 00:44:50
274 Collette Spencer 00:45:11
303 Alyson Glover 00:47:39
319 Vikki Daniel 00:49:29
321 Bethan Thomas-Lloyd 00:49:48
329 Jill Buckley 00:51:23
334 Samantha Broome 00:53:50


Mens Individual results


Pos Time Forename Surname
245 00:47:40 Alan Brydon
383 00:50:54 Ben Coldwell
400 00:51:34 Steve Webb
426 00:52:37 Hal Roberts
528 00:56:28 Christopher Glover
630 01:02:00 Kieran O’Brien
690 01:15:47 Burjor Langdana

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