PECO XC Relays 2015

We entered 3 teams into the cross country relays at Barnbow Fields on Sunday.

Our mixed team (Chris Glover, Jeg Berg, Alan Brydon) were 10th overall and the first mixed team to finish.

Thanks to Broomio and Claire Doherty for supporting and marshalling.

For full results click here

Total teams = 35

Pos Team Name Category Leg 1 Runner Leg 1 Time Leg 2 Runner Leg 2 Time Leg 3 Runner Leg 3 Time Total Time
10 Kirkstall Harriers C Mixed Chris Glover 22:10:00 Jen Berg 22:14:00 Alan Brydon 19:53:00 01:04:17
22 Kirkstall Harriers B Mixed Emma Lavelle-Wood 24:20:00 John Durkan 25:53:00 Tony Shaw 26:49:00 01:17:02
32 Kirkstall Harriers Club Challenge Becky Dwyer 31:19:00 Randolph Haggerty 24:16:00 Alyson Glover 29:52:00 01:25:27


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