Club Championship – Bonus Points Update

Afternoon all.

We now have an updated league table incorporating marathon & parkrun bonuses to date, here.

After reading the rules & getting frustrated at Excel quite a bit, I’ve finally cracked the bonus points update. Admittedly the root cause of the problem was quite simply me tinkering with the spreadsheets, so I have no one else to blame unfortunately.

With this update we also have a change to the top spot – Patrick Nesden on 296 points. Adam Rhodes is in second, 20 points adrift of Patrick & Burjor Langdana sits in third, 4 points behind Adam.

Don’t feel disheartened, it’s still all to play for as we reach the halfway point in the season. Quite a few folk have yet to notch up their bonuses, with a number of those sitting in the top 10 (of which I’m fairly certain a one or two have entries into the York marathon….). There are also quite a few who haven’t yet reached their required six races either.

Note: If you’ve run an ultra marathon, or an international marathon, and don’t have a bonus it’s because the calculations don’t recognise that distance through RunBritain. Let me know & I can input it manually. If you’ve run the sufficient parkruns (4) and haven’t got a bonus, I’ve probably done something wrong. Let me know & I’ll look into it.


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