Club Championship Bonus Update

Evening all. I’ve just updated the Club Championship bonus points. Please see the table below (and linked┬áhere) for a list of those members who have qualified for either a parkrun or marathon bonus.

If you are not on this list, but think you should be, please drop me an email on & I will update. Make sure to speak up before the end of the season (the Abbey Dash in just over 2 weeks) otherwise the final positions will be set and you will lose out on your bonus.

For more information on where the league table has gone, see this months newsletter (to be published in the coming days).


Marathon bonus Parkrun bonus
Adam Moger Adam Moger
Adam Rhodes Adam Rhodes
Ashley Russell Alyson Glover
Ben Coldwell Andrew Carter
Burjor Langdana Ben Clark
Chris Hudson Ben Coldwell
Chris Hunt Chris Scott
Diane Ruth Shaw Christopher Glover
Dominika Malinowska Clare Doherty
Elizabeth Walker Colin Chapman
Hal Roberts Diane Thomas
Helen Thompson Dominika Malinowska
James Nundy Eleanor Gallon
Joe Steele Emma Lavelle-Wood
John Kelly Fiona Venner
Kevin Kelly Gary Carlisle
Kieran O’Brien Gemma Rathbone
Mark McKone Hal Roberts
Neil Marshall Helen Goldthorpe
Patrick Nesden Hikari Yamaguchi
Paul Chapman James Nundy
Paul Newton James Woodman
Scott Anderson Jason Buckley
Shamiso Sisimayi Jill Buckley
Simon Smith Joanne Mcgarey
Stephen Webb Joe Steele
Tom Keeber Kieran O’Brien
Liam Mealey
Malcolm Taylor
Matt Hooban
Matt Kasparek
Neil Marshall
Niamh Jackson
Patrick Nesden
Paul Miller
Peter Britton
Rachael Kearns
Randolph Haggerty
Rebecca Dwyer
Richard Thomas
Samantha Broome
Sean Cook
Shamiso Sisimayi
Simon Smith
Stephen Webb
Tom Keeber
Vicki Hipkiss
Paul Newton

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