Kirkstall Harriers Lamp Post Orienteering

For info, prior to Wednesday nights training run.

Wednesday 18th November’s training session will be a “fun” orienteering session, around many of our normal training routes. As individuals/pairs you will be given an orienteering map of the area as attached (with the addition of a number of Control Points). You will be given ten minutes “planning time” to devise the route you think will gain you the most number of points possible. You will then be given one hour “running time” to try and gain those points. Points will be given for correctly identifying the Control Points, with the value of Control Points varying with difficulty to find and distance from KLC.

To give you an idea of the area being used, James has kindly sent across the map without the points marked. Wouldn’t want anybody cheating now would we!? It’s at this link if you would like to have a look.


  • all “Control Points” are lamp posts, identified on the map by a coloured number;
  • Control Points can be visited in any order, or not at all;
  • all Control Points are marked somewhere by the council with a unique identifier;
  • all Control Points are at an obvious location i.e. near a road junction, street corner or street end;
  • once you’ve located a control point, write down the unique identifier;
  • points will be given as follows:
    • Control Points 1 – 10 (green) + 10 points
    • Control Points 11 – 20 (orange) + 20 points
    • Control Points 21 – 25 (red) + 30 points
    • Identifying Alan’s favourite lamp post + 30 points
    • For returning each minute or partial minute after the allotted time – 10 points
  • The individual/pair with the most points wins;
  • please stick to public rights of way, no jumping over garden fences etc. You may use local knowledge for shortcuts and footpaths which may not be on the map, but ensure you can reorient yourself afterwards;
  • no use of phones/navigation devices, they’ll likely only get you more lost; and
  • if you do get completely lost my no. is +447760 252 248. Although I might not be able to do anything but laugh.

Top Tips

  • maintain good contact with the map – there are no road names, there are no grid squares, you probably don’t have a compass;
  • plan a route – it is not possible for you to visit every Control Point in the hour. Be realistic with your pace, or you’ll be fined heavily for returning late; and
  • have fun, there’s prizes to be won, the reward is in the risk!

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