Club Championship Race 16 – Half Marathon Month!

After returning from my paternity leave, it’s time to pick up on the updates for the Club Championship. We’re now on Race 16, over the course of September you’ve been trying to find half marathon races to complete, whether it be Vale of York, Great North Run, Pontefract Half or Yorkshireman (ha), safe to say you’ve succeeded!

Unfortunately, there’s been 2 cancellations for our races, Middleton Massif (race 15) and Pudsey Post Hill (race 17) – therefore we’re 2 races short on our calendar. I’ve got an idea on how to fill one up – watch this space.

We had 18 Harriers run a known about half marathon in September to qualify for some points. One, Andrew Goldman, completed two Pontefract and Vale of York – clocking times 2 minutes apart! Lee Hardy took on the challenge of Yorkshireman half – at least you’ve got some points from it eh?

Full race against handicaps can be found below.

2018 Race Results

For the table, I’ve updated with results from Leeds Golden Mile and variety of bonuses for Volunteer, Marathon and Parkrun. If you think you’ve been missed, I apologies, please contact me on Facebook or to get that rectified.

Top 3 are as follows:

Pos Name Points Total Races Mara PR Vol
1 Jonathan YOUNG 314 * 12 50 25 10
2 Isobel WEBSTER 303  6 50 . 10
3 Rowan TEMPLE 303  6 50 25 .

The full table can be found below.

2018 League Table

To finish the year off we’ve got the culmination of Even Splits 5k series (2 races remain to get your points); Guy Fawkes 10; Peco Race 1 and any Christmas race!

There’s still a lot to play for at the top before the announcements early in 2019, keep up the good work!

Your friendly CC rep


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