Club Championship 2019 – Race 12 and Race 13 Update

The past week saw the end of a busy June for the Club Championship, we’re at the 13th Race already! Of the races that have been, we’ve still got the Brownlee 5k series ongoing and the second half of the Mile race 12, Golden Mile to come in.

Wednesday say the return of the popular Hyde Park Summer Mile, summery weather it was! 6 Harriers took to the start line for a all out sprint as quick as you can. Many PBs, and we saw the debut for Lloyd Allen, welcome!

Lloyd Allen 06:25
Malcolm Taylor 06:58
James Nundy 06:28
Samantha Taylor 08:20
Paul Chapman 06:42

Points have been given out, but will be updated after the Golden Mile, so check out where you are now and see if you can beat it in September (your handicap will have changed, likely for the harder here!).

Eccup 10, always the hottest day of the year, so it came to pass this year. 11 brave Harriers braced the heat and performed admirably. Times in order of position are as follows:

Alan O’Brien 01:04:04
Christopher Glover 01:19:37
John Hutchinson 01:21:23
Emma Brigginshaw 01:22:53
Ian Taylor 01:32:25
Alyson Glover 01:32:48
Liz Walker 01:33:21
Baldish Sandhu 01:47:57
Hannah Newman 01:49:26
Joanne Taylor 01:59:24
Yekanth Venkiteela 02:04:08


The official top 3 for Race 13 of the Club Championship are:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 John Hutchinson 01:36:35 15.74% 01:21:23 50
2 Emma Brigginshaw 01:31:38 9.56% 01:22:53 49
3 Alyson Glover 01:38:39 5.93% 01:32:48 48

Congrats! The full results can be seen here.

The full table has been updated, James Nundy extends his lead with his performance at Hyde Park (subject to change). Alan O’Brien and Simon Hands continue to make up the top 3. The full list and positions of the 72 runners taken part so far can be found here.

There’s still chance to enter or improve your score. All you need to do is one of the remaining races, found here, or 4 parkruns or volunteer and help our lovely club out at events! Fancy yourself as an decent event organiser, why not create your own event for members to partake, parkrun takeover or a trip – it’s up to you!



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