Club Championship 2019 Race 18 – Guy Fawkes 10

We’re approaching the finish line in the Club Championship! 3 chances to get more points left, including the final Even Splits 5k series event later this month, PECO and the wildcard entry!

This weekend saw the return of hills, chocolate and more hills in the form of Guy Fawkes 10. A super race, for anyone that doesn’t want to run up and down Kirkstall Road. This year we had 8 Harriers running. 

Name Time
Stephen Groves 01:23:22
James Nundy 01:32:33
Hannah Lee 01:34:59
Liz Walker 01:35:23
Catherine Barrett 01:36:53
Vicki Hipkiss 01:36:54
Peter Hey 01:44:58
Jacqueline Elmer 01:49:22

The handicaps have been compared and some fairly close times came out of it! Catherine, returning from injury bagged the 50 points, and Stephen dusting off his shoes came 2nd. The full results are shown below.

2019 Race Results

All this means there’s been a shift in the top 3, Liz moves a point closer to James Nundy at the top, with Vicki Hipkiss jumping excitedly onto the podium. Not in the top 3? Check out your position and what you need to be within a chance to get a prize below!

2019 League Table


As mentioned, the final solo race is the PECO at the end of November. Race 5, Even Splits 5k series, finishes in November on the 27th – don’t miss out! I’ll keep plugging the wildcard, at present we’ve only had one person submit their time – look back at the timed runs you’ve done this year – is there any there that you would’ve wished was a club championship event? 




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