On a cold – about 3 degrees but dry and fairly still night, we had 12 brave souls out for the 5k time trial. It was
also the start of 5K Club Championship races at the Brownlee centre and we had a couple doing the XO race in town. There were 2 new faces, Anna and Mats (who is now a fully paid up member of our great club), and 2 other relatively new members, Caroline and Jonathan. These 4 happened to be the first 4 over the line too – so are now beginning to show their true colours – or we still need to work on their start times. It was going to be a choose your route night but with the 4 relatively new runners may have been confusing – so hopefully we can do that in March. We stayed with the original route of up Queenswood Drive and down Spen Lane.
First over the line – just, was Anna – with a run time of 24.27, and was the fastest lady on the night. Closely followed 17 seconds later by Caroline with a run time of 24.44 and getting her course pb. Third was Jonathan also getting his course pb with a run time of 20.11. Just behind by 4 seconds was Mats with a run time of 20.15. Just missing out on a podium place was Carol with a run time of 27.04, her pb for this winter. Eleven seconds behind Carol was Alan in 5th place who came from the rear and nearly 18 minutes after the first one to set off and created another course pb for himself with a time of 18.15. Sadly, bringing up the rear was Malcolm, despite the assistance of Alistair in the buggy.
Overall there were 3 minutes and 18 seconds between 1st and last despite a time lag of 17 minutes 45 seconds from the first and last setting off.
We were without our ever reliable Jemma and Adam on the night due to their other circumstances, but Chris our Chairman stood in and did a superb job on starting and timing – thankfully for me he had done a day of hard work (now he is retired) and was feeling too tired to run. Also helping out and looking after the royal mail post box – to ensure no cheating or unintentional short cuts, was Catherine and Lucy.
The last one will be at the end of March and then hopefully the lighter nights mean we can start running off road With 8 members having done 4 races and 5 having done 3 – we could be in for a tight finish for the best of 4 races.