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TIME TRIAL Mon 15th January 2024

We had 15 brave runners facing the cold conditions of minus 2 degrees, with a feel like of minus 5! Plus Ben and Lucy helping out with the start and finish. Bens excuse for not running was having done the Temple Newsam 10 the day before. We had 2 new faces, Alex and Amy Plews so hopefully we may see them again in the near future. Unfortunately Alex had to pull out due to a foot problem. We hope this is not serious and that he did not have to go too far from the race route to get home.

We had the usual 2 or 3 pleas for an earlier start time, Jo being one but I do know she had Bronchitis over the festive season – and she did help select some vegan prizes. I think Kat stayed with the new faces so that they would not get lost on the route.

Patrick was the first to start, along with Jo and due to the cold conditions we set off everyone else 5 minutes earlier to avoid standing around too long. Thanks to Adam for sorting out the start times and setting them off – all appeared to go smoothly.

First over the line was Jo with a run time of 36.41 which was slower then any of her previous times. Due to her earlier start time she did decline any of the prizes. Second was Ben who beat his previous time by nearly 2 minutes and third was Sioned with a run time of 28.11, well down on her usual times. Coming home in 4th and 5th position were Carol and Adam. Adam having coming from the second to last to start off, and only just finishing in front of Kevin who started last. This could have been an interesting run between the two? The only other pb for this cold night was Therese who was the fastest female with a run time of 22.55, knocking 2 seconds off her best.

The fastest male was Kevin with a run time of 20.10. Due to the 5 minute earlier start for the rest of the runners – Patrick who finished in 12th moves up a position to 11th.

There were 13 minutes difference between 1st and last, but allowing for the new faces, Jo’s early start, and the 5 minute difference in start times, there were only 3 minutes difference between the rest, from 2nd to 12th

Let’s hope the weather is kinder for us all on the next one.

The detailed results are here:

Jan 5k TT Results

Peter Hey

By Harrier