Runbritain Handicaps


All the handicaps recorded on the Runbritain system are listed on the Runbritain web site. If you are not recorded on Runbritain, it is probably because you have not recorded enough race results for Runbritain to give you a handicap. You can still take part in the club championship and you will be given a temporary handicap by the administrators of the championship.

Here is some more information and links regarding the runbritain handicap:

Runbritain’s revolutionary handicap scoring system is designed to give road runners of all abilities the ability to benchmark their progress and compare their results across a range of distances and terrains.

We have improved the algorithm and runners should now see their handicap changing more often with bonuses for recent best performances and more weight given to recent performances over older ones. We have also improved the way we measure the difficulty of the course on the day so that you have as good a chance of improving your handicap on a hilly course on a tough day to a flat course on a calm day.


The scoring system, which has been developed in conjunction with the team behind the McCain Power of 10 website, rewards regular racing and factors in a degree of difficulty for slower courses. The score is derived from all your race results in UKA licensed road or multi-terrain races from 2010 although you only need to have done one race since 2010 to claim a handicap.

Once registered with Runbritain (this is done for you when you join the club) you just need to log in to be taken to your bespoke personal running biog profile page featuring:
* personal progress graph
* direct comparisons with other runners with a ‘head-to-head’ function
* weekly mileage logger and graph
* national ladder position showing your ranking amongst all UK runners
* current rankings at each of the major distances (5K, 10K, HM, Mar)
* handicap score updated automatically after each run
* target times to bring score down to the next level
* training schedules to help you achieve your targets