Sportsman & Sportswoman 2019

We are approaching the end of 2019 and it is time think about who should be the Kirkstall Harriers Sportsman and Sportswoman of the year.

As a full or second claim member of the club you can submit one nomination for Sportsman and one for Sportswoman. You are not allowed to vote for yourself.

To make your nomination just fill in an online form now and submit electronically by clicking here.

You may find the following Q&A helpful when considering your nomination:


1) Q. Why do we have this annual award? A. To recognise individuals in the club who are making a difference and promoting Kirkstall Harriers in a positive way.
2) Q. Who can be nominated? A. Any club member.
3) Q. What does a person have to have done to get a nomination? A. Something that in your opinion has helped you or someone else in the club, or the club itself in the year. It may only be a small thing but something which means a lot to you.
4) Q. Who is eligible to make a nomination? A. Any club member, whether first claim or second claim.
5) Q. How do I make a nomination? A. You can fill in a nomination form on the web site and submit electronically via the link above.
6) Q. When do nominations have to be submitted by? A. 09 Feb 2020.
7) Q. How many nominations can I make? A. One per club member.
8) Q. I am a new member and I don’t know many people in the club, so how can I nominate someone? A. Even in a short time with the club, someone may have been particularly helpful or encouraging to you.
9) Q. I have a person in mind but I don’t know their name, so how do I nominate them? A. Check the newsletter archives on the web site which have photos of many established members or just ask a committee member.
10) Q. What do the winners get? A. A trophy presented at the AGM.
11) Q. When are the winners announced? A. At the AGM in February 2020.
12) Q. Who has won in the past? A. The past winners are listed below:

2018: Adam Moger/Jonathan Young (Tie), Vicki Hipkiss
2017: Simon Smith/Niamh Jackson
2016: Adam Moger/Alice Murray-Gourlay
2015: Peter Hey/Niamh Jackson
2014: Alan Brydon/Sam Broome
2013: Chris Glover/Gemma Rathbone
2012: Paul Miller/Jill Buckley
2011: Adam Moger/Diane Shaw
2010: Phil Hewitt/Eleanor Gallon
2009: Patrick Nesden/Jill Buckley
2008: Matt Sykes Hooban/Helen Goldthorpe
2007: Patrick Nesden/Jill Buckley
2006: Peter Branny/ Collette Spencer
2005: Peter Branny/Cassie Garbutt
2004: Patrick Nesden/Julie Hustwitt
2003: Paul Luxton/Trish Pearson
2002: Stuart Moore/Amanda Seems
2001: Martin Gregson/Carol Moran
2000: David Spink/Marlene Asquith
1999: Nick Sykes – Ian Brown (no Sportstwoman award)
1998: Martin Jordan/Claire Mohamed
1997: Peter Hey/Diane Thomas
1996: Brian Whittaker (no Sportswoman award)
1995: (no Sportsman award)/Dot Williams
1994: Richard Thomas/Trish Pearson
1993: (no Sportsman award) Janice Bowers – Michelle Maunder
1992: Paul Raynard (no Sportswoman award)
1991: Peter Hey/Cath Lewis
1990: Karl Bowers – (no Sportswoman award)
1989: Peter Hey/Carol Moran
1988: Anna Blackwell (no Sportsman award)
1987: Alan Thomas – (no Sportswoman award)
1986: Rod Lewis – (no Sportswoman award)
1985: Colin Aston – (no Sportswoman award)