Yorkshire Vets West Vale

It could have been the holidays, the world cup or just the challenging course that led to a low attendance at the 5th vets race of the season. Only 139 runners this time and only 14 from Kirkstall + Eric but we still had enough vet ladies and men to score points for the club. Thanks to all those who turned out to represent the club.

Congratulations to:

Emma Lavelle-Wood for winning 3rd FV40
Jon Potts for winning 2nd MV60
Chris Glover for winning 2nd MV50 (woohoo!)
Catherine Barrett for winning a spot prize!

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Updated league tables will be posted here when available.

Ladies Results (total 44 runners)

Pos Name Cat Time Points
14 Emma Lavelle-Wood F35 45:16 137
18 Rose George F40 46:13 133
27 Alyson Glover F45 51:08 124
28 Catherine Barrett F35 51:47 123
39 Bal Sandhu F45 60:37 112
41 Karen Longfellow F45 63:56 110

Mens Results (total 87 runners)

Pos Name Cat Time Points
N/A Paul Miller  Guest 34:26:00 N/A
19 Adam Moger M35 36:33:00 182
21 Christopher Glover M50 36:46:00 180
49 Jon Potts M60 42:12:00 152
66 Richard Thomas M50 45:10:00 135
N/a Matt Kasparek  Guest 48:55:00 N/A
77 Peter Hey M60 50:02:00 124
82 Patrick Nesden M60 54:21:00 119


Danefield Relay

We had a record 13 teams (38 runners) at the 3 leg relay on the evening of 01 July. Thanks to Steve Webb for running two legs.

Thanks to Marion for organising the teams. A great job and everyone turned up.

Our teams put in allot of effort around the challenging route and many stayed on to cheer in their fellow harriers to the end.

The ladies Kirkstall A team (Jen, Shami, Emma B) were the second ladies team on the night. An excellent performance. The mens A team (Chris G, Rob P, Alan) came in a creditable 9th.

Full results will be posted here soon.

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Bradford Millennium Way Relay

We entered one team into this 5 leg relay this year. Each leg is about 10m. The total field was 43 teams. 42 finished the run.

Many thanks to Alan Brydon for stepping in at the last minute (6.30am on the day of the race!) to save the day.

Thanks to Jason Buckley for organising our runners and to all those who ran or were reserves.

Our team’s results are below. For full results click here

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Runner 1 Runner 2 Leg Time Leg position Leg Pos Tot Time
Alan Brydon Paul Miller 1:28:40 7th of 43 teams 7th
Chris Glover Jason Buckley 1:21:15 16th of 43 teams 9th 2:49:55
Andrew Kirby Alyson Glover 1:23:30 27th of 43 teams 13th 4:13:25
Jill Buckley Sam Broome 2:06:02 42nd of 43 teams 30th 6:19:27
Fiona Venner Laura Davies 2:24:25 41st of 42 teams 35th 8:43:52

5k Track Races – Leeds Carnegie

We only had four runners in this well organised and enjoyable event.

12.5 times around the track turns out to be more of a challenge than you might think! Especially for those who had done parkrun in the morning!

Here are our results. Well done to Eleanor for recording a new 5k PB and thanks to Anna, Lauren, Russell, Louis, Eric and the Broome family for their support.

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 ADAM  MOGER  18:58.7 69.31%
 CHRISTOPHER  GLOVER  19:24.7 76.14%
 ELEANOR  GALLON  21:43.1 66.70% PB
 ALYSON  GLOVER  23:42.5 68.74%



Club Championship Update after Race 9 – Meanwood Vets

The CC race results table for this race can be viewed here

The updated CC league table after 9 races can be viewed here

Rose George took the maximum 50 points from this race with a strong run 6.5% better than predicted by her Runbritain handicap. Well done Rose. Kevin Kelly followed up with 49 points and Hannah Lee put in another great performance to get another valuable 48 points to aid her charge towards the top of the league table.

Jon Potts retains top spot in the league table but Hannah in second is closing in. Peter Hey stays third despite missing the last two CC races through holiday.

There are still 11 races to go, so plenty of time to build up your best 6 race scores.

The next CC races are the Pudsey Post Hill Challenge on Friday 11th July closely followed by the Eccup 10 on Sunday 13th July.

Photos from the Meanwood race can be viewed here