Club Championship 2019 Race 18 – Guy Fawkes 10

We’re approaching the finish line in the Club Championship! 3 chances to get more points left, including the final Even Splits 5k series event later this month, PECO and the wildcard entry!

This weekend saw the return of hills, chocolate and more hills in the form of Guy Fawkes 10. A super race, for anyone that doesn’t want to run up and down Kirkstall Road. This year we had 8 Harriers running. 

Name Time
Stephen Groves 01:23:22
James Nundy 01:32:33
Hannah Lee 01:34:59
Liz Walker 01:35:23
Catherine Barrett 01:36:53
Vicki Hipkiss 01:36:54
Peter Hey 01:44:58
Jacqueline Elmer 01:49:22

The handicaps have been compared and some fairly close times came out of it! Catherine, returning from injury bagged the 50 points, and Stephen dusting off his shoes came 2nd. The full results are shown below.

2019 Race Results

All this means there’s been a shift in the top 3, Liz moves a point closer to James Nundy at the top, with Vicki Hipkiss jumping excitedly onto the podium. Not in the top 3? Check out your position and what you need to be within a chance to get a prize below!

2019 League Table


As mentioned, the final solo race is the PECO at the end of November. Race 5, Even Splits 5k series, finishes in November on the 27th – don’t miss out! I’ll keep plugging the wildcard, at present we’ve only had one person submit their time – look back at the timed runs you’ve done this year – is there any there that you would’ve wished was a club championship event? 




1st Winter 5k TT of the season

It was encouraging to see 21 starters down on the first of the winter time trials – unless none of them had seen the training schedule. At least the weather was dry and not too windy or cold. Unfortunately Ben had to pull out shortly after the start due to a pulled calf – hopefully he will be back running very soon.
We had 3 new time trial faces down, Jo Mingham, Chris Wilkinson and Lloyd Allen, plus 2 “old” members who had missed all the previous winters delights, Sam Taylor (with Allistair) and our Chairrman Chris Glover – both hopefully on a full return to running and chasing pb’s soon.
Our resident starter and timekeeper Jemma was missing due to child care priorities, but thankfully, Lucy, Gary, Carol and Allistair stood in and all seemed to go fairly smoothly. If anyone spots any obvious errors please let me know so I can correct for the next one.
First over the line with run time of 27.29 – a return to form and beating all last years times was Dave Wood – who did look a bit exhausted at the end, followed 25 seconds behind by Sam, with a course pb over the last 4 years of 28.24. Is it true having a baby makes you a faster runner? Hard lines lads for the “easy” way to improve? Just 3 seconds behind Sam was the new face of Chris Wilkinson with a run time of 22.57. At least we know what he can do now so it will not be that easy for him next time. Hopefully the small prize he won will convince him to join our club – and with a time like that – enter the Peco cross countries. Just missing out in fourth place by 1 second was Giedrius who had a new course pb of 20.43. Other runners getting a course pb were Therese 23.06, who was the fastest lady on the night, and Alberto 20.12. Equalling their course pb was Alan with 18.35 and just missing out, Adam with 19.47, but definitely quicker then all last years run. Bringing up the rear unfortunately tonight was Catherine with who may have been harshly handicapped and losing her crown after winning the overall prize last year. Finally a mention must go to Jonathan who started at the back, and overtook 13 runners to finish 7th with a course record of 16.53 and beating his previous fastest time by 12 seconds.
Between 1st and last runner there was a time lapse of just under 5 minutes but from the 2nd to 17th place the time difference was only just over 1 and a half minutes – proving you can get it right for some – but never for all.
Hopefully we shall see you – and others at the next one in November – which will be on a Monday – and go in the opposite direction
Please keep your eye on the YVAA web site as they are hoping to re-instate this race.
Results below:

KH 5K TT – Results Oct 2019

Club Championship 2019 Race 16 – Half Marathon Month of September

We had 13 Kirkstall Harriers complete a half marathon in the month of September. There were 4 different half marathons raced: 

  •  Forest and Moors (during our club trip).
  •  Great North Run
  •  Copenhagen Half (a way to travel to get some points!)
  •  Vale of York

Well done all!

The points have been handed out, and they can be seen below the MVT results here.

We’ve had a few people complete a marathon and reach 5 volunteers this month, which means bonus points! So there’s been a few changes in the top 10. Can anyone catch James Nundy? Well Liz almost has! 3 points off thanks to Parkrun and Marathon bonuses.

Pos Name Points Total Races
1 James NUNDY 346 * 8
2 Elizabeth WALKER 343 * 7
3 Vicki HIPKISS 329 6

Not in the top 3? The full table can be found here.

Can anyone feature in the top 3? You’ve still got 4 races remaining!

  • Even Splits 5k – yes there’s still more to enter!
  • Guy Fawkes 10 – possibly sold out
  • Peco Race 1 – get your entries in!
  • Wildcard – have you done a timed race you were extremely happy with and can still find the link to the results? Head to our the page and enter it!






Club Championship 2019 Race 17 – Meanwood Valley Trail

An old staple, back from a few years siesta in our Club Championships, Meanwood Valley Trail takes on a scenic local suburban trail with several tough climbs as 14 members found out this weekend! Well done to all.

Position Name Club Time
8 Ben Coldwell Kirkstall Harriers 00:48:06
24 Alan O’Brien Kirkstall Harriers 00:50:18
58 Simon Hands Kirkstall Harriers 00:56:07
133 Chris Glover Kirkstall Harriers 01:06:28
144 Ian Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:07:55
156 Collette Spencer Kirkstall Harriers 01:09:35
165 James Nundy Kirkstall Harriers 01:10:40
182 Vicki Hipkiss Kirkstall Harriers 01:14:35
191 Elizabeth Walker Kirkstall Harriers 01:16:48
200 Alyson Glover Kirkstall Harriers 01:18:03
218 Samantha Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:20:04
222 Jacqueline Elmer Kirkstall Harriers 01:21:08
225 Shevonne Mclarnon Kirkstall Harriers 01:21:17
241 Joanne Taylor Kirkstall Harriers 01:29:07

For the club championships, I posted potential handicap predictions on the Facebook group prior to the event, which seemed to go down well. It seems I underestimated the difficulty of the race, so I’ve increased the handicap difficulty to match the performances of our runners. Based on the new set of Handicap times, visible on the results page, there was a 6% difference between 12 of the runners (had this been run as a handicap race majority would have finished within metres of each other!). The top 3 runners against their handicaps were:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Ian Taylor 01:15:57 10.58% 01:07:55 50
2 Ben Coldwell 00:49:22 2.56% 00:48:06 49
3 Elizabeth Walker 01:18:31 2.18% 01:16:48 48

The full results can be found here.

Due to a slight technical malfunction on the league table, several members were missing their Parkrun bonuses (apologies). It has now been amended and all that have done at least 4 according to RunBritain have had their bonuses added. 

All this means there’s been a slight shake up in the table…  James Nundy keeps his commanding lead but there’s several in the pack waiting to pounce! Chris Glover, our chairman, has crept into 2nd place and Alan O’Brien (whose done 10 out of the possible 15 races) has moved into 3rd. There’s still plenty of time to get races in, there’s 5 events to be finalised! Don’t forget Even Splits 5k series (3 remaining) and the Wildcard entry (see Rules for more information). The PECO race will be Race 1 at Temple Newsam on Sunday 24th November.

The full table can be found here.



MEMBERS MEANDER 2019 – Club Championship 2019 Race 15 Update


The second club handicap race of the year took place on Wednesday 21st Aug. It followed our KA7 route along the canal to Rodley and back via the river path. Approx 6.5 to 7 miles. It was a good night weather wise – the day had stayed dry and was not too hot (and no angry midges or bugs about). The main problem on the night seemed to be negotiating the fallen tree somewhere on Rein Road. There was a good turn out with 23 runners, 1 “jogger” Hannah, happy to take in the scenery, 6 helpers, Chris, Lee, John, Paul, Lucy (all recovering from injury) and Catherine (back from a 3 month excursion in Peru) to guide the runners around the correct turns, and most importantly, Jemma to ensure all the runners set off in their correct time slots, and all were recorded home with their run times and positions.

As usual we tried to handicap the runners as fairly as possible – but with 89 possible starters – all in various forms of fitness or recovery, it is difficult getting everyone spot on. Even more so by not knowing who will turn up on the night. We also had 5 newish members taking part, Jo, Rachel, Anne, Lloyd and Alberto, just to mix up the times a little. There were also 3 “older” faces who had been missing for some time, – Peter (injury) and Gieds and Asta who have been away/busy. As usual Patrick was first away and after a period of 34 and a half minutes, the last two, Ben and Alan finally set off. Alan did manage to overtake 11 runners but sadly Ben was left with the wooden spoon – possibly still recovering from his full iron man triathlon. At least the last runners just managed to get back before it got too dark, and there was a time gap of about 10 minutes between the first and last one home. The fastest runner on the night was Alan with a time of 42.03 and the fastest lady was Anne with a time of 53.11

First over the line with a run time of 58.04 was Liz Walker, a minute and a half in front of Giedrius 50.30, then a further 1 minute behind, Lloyd 51.28. Commiserations to Anne and Gary who finished 4th and 5th and the other 17 runners behind, but hopefully your start times will be more favourable for next years Chairmans Chase. At least the food afterwards in the LPSA seemed to go down well afterwards


Peter Hey

Link to results:


To bookend this post, I’ve finally got around to completing the Club Championship handicap results against your predicted time, dishing out the points to the relevant parties! Finishing first in the handicap race doesn’t necessarily give you 50 points!

Full Race Results can be found here.

Updated Table, with volunteer bonuses added in can be found here.