Weekend Harriers

On Saturday it was the Bishop Wilton HM. Jill Buckley, Patrick Nesden, Laura Hogg and Jim Nundy took part Results will be posted here when published. We know that Laura Hogg won 3rd place female. Well done Laura!

On Sunday we had 13 (plus other who don’t appear in the results!) runners in the Leeds 10k. This flat course usually produces some PBs and this year was no exception as shown below. for full results click here

Also on Sunday we had 4 members and one old friend of the club (Catherine Elvin) running in the very scenic 13.3m Northumbrian Coastal Run. The weather was hot and sunny but that did not stop Paul Miller coming in 21st in a great time of 01:28:49. Our results are below and full results are here

LEEDS 10k (7065 runners)

Name Time Cat Pace
Robert Pratt 38:21:00 (M) U35 3:50 min/km PB
Ben Coldwell 40:13:00 (M) U35 4:02 min/km
Stephen Groves 41:49:00 (M) U35 4:12 min/km
Adam Rhodes 42:27:00 (M) 35-39 4:18 min/km PB
Andy Carter 42:46:00 (M) 50-54 4:18 min/km
Kieran O’brien 45:11:00 (M) 35-39 4:33 min/km PB
John Durkan 46:08:00 (M) 40-44 4:40 min/km
Gill Park 50:38:00 (F) U35 5:24 min/km First 10k
Shevonne Mclarnon 55:16:00 (F) 40-44 5:42 min/km
Rachael Kearns 57:23:00 (F) U35 6:24 min/km
Fiona Venner 57:35:00 (F) 40-44 6:14 min/km
Ian Brown 01:06:58 (M) 65-69 7:16 min/km
Isaac Dell 01:11:24 (M) 55-59 7:52 min/km

Northumbrian Coastal Run (850 runners)

Pos Name Time Cat
21 Paul Miller 01:28:49 Senior M 6:20 min/mile
93 Christopher Glover 01:40:17 (M) Veteran50 7:09 min/mile
183 Niamh Jackson 01:49:04 Senior F 7:47 min/mile
518 Alyson Glover 02:10:42 (F) Veteran40 9:20 min/mile

Washburn Valley Relays

We entered a record 9 teams into the 3 leg relay event around the Fewston and Swinsty reservoirs on Friday evening. We had a few last-minute substitutions but none had to run two legs. Thanks to Richard and Diane Thomas for standing in and relieving the mini mountain marathoners (Andrew & Russell). We hope that Jason “fingers” Buckley is recovering well and Jill enjoyed her birthday in the hospital!

Our fast ladies team came first in the women’s open category. Congratulations to Shami, Niamh and Emma B.

Our fast mens team (Alan, Rob & Paul M) came in about 7th, so a very strong run from them also.

It is becoming traditional to have a picnic after this event so that is what we did again.

A very enjoyable evening was had by all. Thanks again to Otley AC for hosting this great race. 55 teams ran in all.

The full results will be posted here when available. For photos click here

Kirkstall Festival Balloon Race

To add to the fun of Kirkstall Festival on Sat 12 July 2014, the Harriers hosted a balloon race. The closing date has now passed and the Club email box hasn’t received any notifications of anyone finding a balloon.

They were released around 4pm at the festival and all headed off at top speed towards north Leeds so who knows where they ended up?!

The proceeds from the Kirkstall harriers Stall go to Wheatfields Hospice charity, so the value of the prize will increase our donation this year.

Than you to all those who contributed to the success of the stall on the day.

Club Championship Update after Race 11 – Eccup 10

The CC race results table for this race can be viewed here

The updated CC league table after 11 races can be viewed here

Chris Hunt took the maximum 50 points from this race. Well done to Chris. Rose George & Kevin Kelly followed up with 49 points and 48 points respectively. Rose ran so fast that none of the cameras had fast enough shutter speeds to capture her running!!

The top three in the league stay the same: Jon Potts, Hannah Lee and Peter Hey but John Hutchinson jumps into fourth place and Laura Hogg into 5th. Rose is also racing up the league table and still has only 5 races in her total of 212 points.

There are still 9 races to go, so plenty of time to build up your best 6 race scores.

The next CC race is the Knavesmire Vets race on Wednesday 06 August.

Photos from the Eccup race (thanks to Rachael’s Andy) can be viewed here

More photos are on Yorkshire Runner facebook page here

Eccup 10

An annual favourite of many members. this race always seems to get warm weather and this year was no exception. Not a scorcher like last year but warm and humid. Of the 29 members running, some were first time 10 milers and some earned new PBs on this undulating course.
Congratulations to John Hutchinson for winning the M65 2nd place trophy.
For photos click here
The table below is our gun times. CC update and table to follow when chip times are available.

Pos Name . Time Cat PB?
21 PAUL MILLER 01:02:03 M OPEN
63 ROBERT PRATT 01:07:01 M OPEN First 10m
167 JOHN HUTCHINSON 01:14:35 M65
174 GARY CARLISLE 01:15:01 M50 PB
175 ADAM RHODES 01:15:13 M OPEN PB
223 LAURA HOGG 01:18:00 F OPEN PB
261 JON POTTS 01:19:39 M60 First 10m
297 CHRIS HUNT 01:21:27 M OPEN PB
323 ROSE GEORGE 01:22:53 F40 PB
326 ANDY CARTER 01:23:04 M50 First 10m
442 ALYSON GLOVER 01:28:58 F45
455 KEVIN KELLY 01:29:26 M40 PB
467 SHEVONNE MCLARNON 01:30:23 F40 First 10m
536 SANDRA WARREN 01:35:12 F40 PB
544 RACHAEL KEARNS 01:35:45 F OPEN First 10m
551 PETER HEY 01:36:00 M60
571 BETHAN THOMAS-LLOYD 01:37:59 F OPEN First 10m
576 BURJOR LANGDANA 01:38:22 M45
615 KAREN LONGFELLOW 01:41:41 F45
626 JILL BUCKLEY 01:43:03 F35
633 BALDISH SANDHU 01:43:41 F45
638 MARIE TURTON 01:44:23 F OPEN First 10m