Yorkshire XC Champs – Lightwater Valley – Results

We had 5 ladies and 7 men running in the tough XC at Lightwater Valley. The course was muddy to start with and got worse as the many multi-lap events churned it all up.

We also had great support from Ian Brown (also marshalling), Sam and Bethan (our first new member of 2014).

What made it interesting was that the ladies race was posted as 5k event but was nearly 7k and the mens 10.4k race was 12.1k, so there were many tired and confused legs at the end!

Photos are here

Full results are here

The ladies team came 24th out of 25 and the men came 23rd out of 26 so not bad considering the very high standard.

Many thanks to Marion for organising the race entry.

Our results are below:


Pos Time Name
95 34.49 Laura Hogg
103 35.56 Marion Muir
116 38.02 Alyson Glover
140 44.06 Vikki Daniel
144 46.06 Jill Buckley


Pos Time Name
81 0:49:05 ANDERSON, Scott
163 0:54:36 GLOVER, Chris
171 0:55:23 MOGER, Adam
175 0:55:43 WEBB, Steve
203 0:59:11 BUCKLEY, Jason
231 1:02:53 DAZIN, Tomothy
251 1:09:26 O’BRIEN, Kieran

January 2014 Newsletter

Happy New Year!

And it’s happy new newsletter editor – Rose George. Thanks very much Rose for your first one!

For technical reasons the format is different to normal, but I think you will agree that Rose has done a great job.

The member profile this month is Club Championship winner Vikki Daniel.

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Festive Harriers

We have many members running in the purple vest all over the country and abroad over the Christmas period. Here are the results of two local events held on 29 December. Welcome to Catherine Elvin back to Yorkshire for the holidays.

Hot Toddy Road Race (5m Todmorden)

314 finishers. For full results click here

Pos Name   Time
17 Alan Brydon 33.28
232 Catherine Elvin 48.59

For photos (courtesy of Andrew Thrippleton) click here

Jolly Holly Jog (10k Ripon)

604 finishers. For full results click here

Pos Name CAT Time
37 Christopher Glover M50 42:17.8
360 Alyson Glover F40 58:01.3
396 Patrick Nesden M60 59:57.5
423 Karen Longfellow F40 01:00:53.9

Chevin Chase 2013

We had 12 KH runners in 959 finishers of the classic Boxing Day run at Otley Chevin. There were also 3 of our 2nd claim members in the event ( Pete Branney 8th, Neil Wallace 326th and Graham Fisher 808th). The winner in an impressive time of 39:01 was none other than Jonny Brownlee.

Thanks to Gioia and Hilary for the support.

Our results are below and photos (thanks to Gioia, Ian Watson & Andrew Thrippleton) are here

Full race results are here

There is also a video here

Pos Competitor Name Cat Cat Pos Chip Time
29 Scott Anderson Vet 35 11/83 00:45:14
118 Christopher Glover Vet 50 11/79 00:50:16
240 Malcolm Denison Vet 50 18/79 00:55:20
335 Richard Thomas Vet 50 30/79 00:58:27
361 Kieran O brien Vet 35 49/83 00:59:09
490 Paul Glover Vet 60+ 13/38 01:02:41
782 Patrick Nesden Vet 60+ 30/38 01:14:06
819 Karen Longfellow Vet 45 53/71 01:15:25
820 Rhrona Cameron Vet 55 9/14 01:15:25
821 Alyson Glover Vet 45 54/71 01:15:26
881 Diane Thomas Vet 45 60/71 01:19:44
900 Laura Davies Vet 35 50/59 01:21:49

PECO XC – Golden Acre Park

Well done to all those who ran for the club in the second PECO race of the season. There were 46 of us in total, which is a great club effort.

There were 598 runners in total.

The ladies came 2nd in the premiere division and move up into 2nd place in the league of 9 teams after two races. A fantastic result!

The mens team came 8th in the premiere division which means they slip to 7th in the league of 9 teams after two races.

For photos (thanks to Malcolm) click here

Our runners results are below (1st team counters shown in bold):

Ladies results from 227 finishers:

Pos Name   Cat
4 Ballantyne  Emma  F Sen 
13 Sisimayi  Shamiso  F Sen 
24 Yamaguchi  Hikari  F Sen 
34 Jackson  Niamh  F Sen 
40 Hogg  Laura  F Sen 
101 George Rose FV40
103 Glover Alyson FV45
110 Warren Sandra FV40
Spencer Collette FV40
123 Goldthorpe Helen FV35
125 Lee Hannah F Sen
132 Spiers Kate F Sen
178 Cameron Rhona FV55
181 Russell Sally F Sen
184 Booth Gill FV40
185 Sandhu Baldish FV45
204 Rathbone Gemma F Sen
211 Thomas Diane FV45
212 Broome Samantha F Sen
217 Davies Laura FV35
Mens results from 371 finishers:
Pos Name   Cat
7 Branney  Peter  M Sen 
38 Anderson  Scott  M Sen 
76 Coldwell  Ben  M Sen 
84 Miller  Paul  M Sen 
98 Moger  Adam  M Sen 
122 Cross Andrew M Sen
126 Glover  Christopher  MV50 
136 Mealey  Liam  M Sen 
148 Pilling  Graham  M Sen 
189 Chapman Colin MV45
201 Cook Sean M Sen
225 Hutchinson John MV65
230 Savage Martin M Sen
236 Skinner Mark MV50
250 Thomas Richard MV50
252 Wallace Neil M Sen
259 Potts John MV60
265 Durkan John MV40
302 Hunt Chris M Sen
311 McKone Mark M Sen
330 Nundy James M Sen
332 Hey Peter MV60
Bromley Russell M Sen
350 Hooban Matt M Sen
352 Nesden Patrick MV60
367 Fisher Graham MV40