First Winter 5k Time Trial – Results

On a good night weather wise – dry and not too cold, we saw 24 runners turn up for the first of the winter time trial. Hope they had all seen the training schedule and knew what was happening???
We had 5 new faces for the event, Connor Carlisle, Jane Crossley, and Alan O’Brien, all existing members and Daniel Dobson and Mark Antonio both new to the club training but hopefully they enjoyed it as much as everyone else.
First over the line, knocking 3 minutes off his 3 year pb was Matt Sykes-Hooban with a run time of 23.03, finishing a minute and a half in front of everyone else. Sorry Matt – you are getting too fast, you will have to get further back down the queue. Working his way from the back of the queue starting 19 minutes behind the first off was Ben Coldwell with the fastest run time off 17.57 to finish 2nd and record his own 3 year pb. 8 seconds behind Ben was Hannah Newman to finish 3rd with a run time of 26.50, not quite a pb over the last 3 years, but getting faster after her long injury absence. Just missing out in 4th place was another starter from the back Rowan Temple who also achieved a 3 year pb with a time of 19.06. Sadly bringing up the rear on the night was Malcolm Taylor – seems like being a dad is tiring work. Fastest lady on the night was Jane Crossley with a run time of 24.39
For the mathematician’s amongst you (constipated ones always work it out with a pencil) 6 minutes separated all 24 runners but taking out the 1st and last runner (one always has a good or a bad night, or the handicapper wants shooting) 2 minutes 43 seconds was the time difference between 2nd and 23rd – which made it a busy night all round for Jemma Roe who did an excellent job in getting all the runners off at the correct times and recording the finishers.

Club Championship Race 16 – Half Marathon Month!

After returning from my paternity leave, it’s time to pick up on the updates for the Club Championship. We’re now on Race 16, over the course of September you’ve been trying to find half marathon races to complete, whether it be Vale of York, Great North Run, Pontefract Half or Yorkshireman (ha), safe to say you’ve succeeded!

Unfortunately, there’s been 2 cancellations for our races, Middleton Massif (race 15) and Pudsey Post Hill (race 17) – therefore we’re 2 races short on our calendar. I’ve got an idea on how to fill one up – watch this space.

We had 18 Harriers run a known about half marathon in September to qualify for some points. One, Andrew Goldman, completed two Pontefract and Vale of York – clocking times 2 minutes apart! Lee Hardy took on the challenge of Yorkshireman half – at least you’ve got some points from it eh?

Full race against handicaps can be found below.

2018 Race Results

For the table, I’ve updated with results from Leeds Golden Mile and variety of bonuses for Volunteer, Marathon and Parkrun. If you think you’ve been missed, I apologies, please contact me on Facebook or to get that rectified.

Top 3 are as follows:

Pos Name Points Total Races Mara PR Vol
1 Jonathan YOUNG 314 * 12 50 25 10
2 Isobel WEBSTER 303  6 50 . 10
3 Rowan TEMPLE 303  6 50 25 .

The full table can be found below.

2018 League Table

To finish the year off we’ve got the culmination of Even Splits 5k series (2 races remain to get your points); Guy Fawkes 10; Peco Race 1 and any Christmas race!

There’s still a lot to play for at the top before the announcements early in 2019, keep up the good work!

Your friendly CC rep


Kirkstall Abbey 7 – Results

Thank you to everyone who took part in this year’s successful event on Sunday 23rd September.

Results and photos for the events can be found on the links below:

Kirkstall Abbey 7

KA7 Photos Part 1

KA7 Photos Part 2

Kirkstall Abbey 7 Junior Race

KA7 Junior Race Photos

Mad Monk Meander

Mad Monk Meander Photos

The photos have also been uploaded to the facebook group “Yorkshire Runner Photos”. Link to group below.

Members Meander 2018

Despite a last minute change to the date of this event, due to the Horsforth Harriers summer run, allowing for the sunset times, and prior to the Leeds Country Way race along with it being a Bank Holiday week, we had 18 members raring to have a go, and 3 new faces on the night. At least the night was dry and fairly cool, ideal conditions for a fast blast from everyone? After some of the usual moans of not having a fair handicap and some last minute route descriptions (for those not sure of where they were going) all went accordingly to plan – as well as you can plan a handicap race, not knowing who would turn up. We also seemed to marry up the new faces who did not have a clue where they were going, to the ones who did know the route, and of similar speed. The handicaps are supplied by UK Athletics via a thanks to Malcolm Taylor – who ended up with a list of nearly 300 names of current and ex Harrier members, which are tweaked a little due to the current abilities of the runners. Some vastly improving, those having a bad time due to injury or those who do not run regularly in UK Athletic events.
As it worked out, less then 11 minutes separated all 21 runners and taking off the last two runners, this was reduced to less then 7 minutes, and only 2 minutes or less separated the first 8 finishers,  Surprise surprise???
Alberto Riveros a non member (hopefully for not long) was first over the line, but I think he was only being kind to Neil Marshal who had shown him round the route. Congratulations to Neil who was only one second behind him with a run time of 50.37 to claim the members winning trophy, despite starting 15 places behind everyone else. Just 13 seconds behind Neil came the ever improving Matt Sykes-Hooban, who started off in 12th  place and had a run time of 51.50 to claim 2nd trophy . Starting off at the very back (with Lee Hardy), was Ben Coldwell who had a run time of 41.02 and finished 12 seconds behind Matt to win the 3rd trophy. Just missing out on the prizes but well done for being so close were Kieran O’Brien 11 seconds later with 51.13, Alan O’Brien 42.51 just pipping Peter Brittain 59.52 by one second, Lee Hardy was next 42.21 and first lady home was Sandra Warren 60.51. Fastest lady on the night was Collette Spencer with 57.38.
Many thanks to the usual helpers, Jemma McConville-Roe for doing the timings, Vickie Hipkiss (injured) for guiding the runners through the housing estate correctly, Anne Ackers, (official photographer), Lucy Churm (who we may see back in action herself after a year off injured) and Sam Taylor expectantly waiting at the Rugby club to guide the runners home.
Peter Hey