Bridlington Half Results

Here are the results from the Brid half run on 21 Oct 2012.

Full results are available here

Well done to Jason, Mark, Patrick & Sandra on their new PBs!

Jason Buckley – LE Male Kirkstall H 01:32:15
Gary Carlisle – LE Male Kirkstall H 01:34:43
Shamiso Sisimayi – LE Male Kirkstall H 01:41:15
Chris Hunt – LE Male Kirkstall H 01:54:39
Jill Stocks – LE Female Kirkstall H 02:04:45
Mark Skinner Male Kirkstall Harriers 01:38:18
Sandra Warren Female Kirkstall Harriers 01:52:34
Patrick Nesden Male Kirkstall Harriers 01:55:38


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