Yorkshire XC Championships 2015

On a very windy and chilly day, we had our best ever turn out to these championships at Lightwater Valley on Saturday. The women had 16 runners and men had 9. If fact we were the best represented club in the women’s race by some margin. This is great for the club. We also had by far the best support for our runners as they tackled the multi-lap courses. The cheering, clapping and cow bell ringing certainly helped us get round. Thanks to everyone for being the most supportive and noisy club at the championships.

Thanks to Jason, Bethan and Darren and Eric for your support.

Many thanks to Alan for organising the KH entries.

In a high class field, the women’s first team of Niamh Jackson, Jen Berg, Lucy Churm, and Marion Muir ┬ácame 14th out of 25 teams. Well done to the them.

The men’s first team of Alan Brydon, Paul Miller, Steve Webb and Ben Coldwell came 17th out of 21 teams.

We took lots of photos (320) which can be viewed here. Chris took the women’s race photos and thanks again to Rose for taking over for the men’s race (although I think she really likes the camera!).

For full results click here


Pos Time Name
52 0:27:30 JACKSON, Niamh
58 0:27:46 BERG, Jennifer
112 0:32:31 CHURM, Lucy
115 0:32:43 MUIR, Marion
116 0:32:51 COOK, Sharon
119 0:33:03 GEORGE, Rose
130 0:33:42 HOGG, Laura
131 0:34:05 KING, Sheila
147 0:36:22 GLOVER, Alyson
151 0:37:10 BROMLEY, Claire
152 0:37:14 DANIEL, Vikki
161 0:38:55 BUCKLEY, Jill
163 0:39:51 DAVIES, Laura
165 0:41:03 Broomio


Pos Time Name
88 0:43:14 BRYDON, Alan
128 0:45:54 MILLER, Paul
136 0:46:35 WEBB, Steve
142 0:46:56 COLDWELL, Ben
160 0:48:10 MOGER, Adam
178 0:49:41 GLOVER, Christopher
193 0:51:40 STEELE, Joe
198 0:52:46 COOK, Alex
210 0:56:02 O’BRIEN, Kieran

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