Club Championship – Race 2 – Liversedge Half Marathon

A solid turnout of 20 harriers for the undulating Liversedge Half Marathon on Sunday, in somewhat balmy conditions in comparison to previous years!

For photos thanks to Emma Jane & Gramham Fisher click here

This marked the second race of the 2015 club championship. For the club championship results table click here

For the league table click here

A run down of the results is below:

Name Time
Richard Joyce 01:24:59.7
Ben Coldwell 01:26:40.3
Paul Miller 01:28:07.2
Hal Roberts 01:28:36.9
Tom Keeber 01:29:52.0
Andy Carter 01:33:21.4
Christopher Glover 01:36:14.9
Adam Rhodes 01:38:45.9
Jamie Crooks 01:42:52.5
Simon Smith 01:43:50.1
Sean Cook 01:45:44.7
Peter Britton 01:53:00.5
Sharon Cook 01:54:48.8
Catherine Barrett 01:55:06.2
Helen Burgess 01:58:53.1
Kevin Kelly 02:02:09.4
Peter Hey 02:06:48.5
Alyson Glover 02:07:20.6
Burjor Langdana 02:07:24.0
Patrick Nesden 02:09:15.7

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