Club Championship – Race 7 – John Carr Series

Apologies for the delay to this set of CC results. It seems some person playing around with a cone had a knock on effect of making it a very troublesome set of results to process!

On that – I’ve come up with a way of adjusting week 1 times so as they can be compared to Weeks 2 & 3. The net result of this process is adding 1.6% to everybody’s time in week 1. If you’d like to know more about how I did it, just ask, but it would be a lengthy website post to put it all on here..

This was the first time we’d run the CC in this way, allowing the best time from 3 to count, with only 1 attempt required in order to qualify. As a result of this, we had the largest turn out for the CC this year with a total of 38 members having a crack at the John Carr course.

Tony Shaw took firts place in the results, beating his predicted time by a substantial 16%! Paul Newton took second place for the third time in 4 race. This is going to be tricky form for Paul to maintain, a quick look at his RB profile shows that his handicap has dropped from 25.0 in March to 8.8 in May, so there’s plenty of time to catch up! Paul Chapman had a blistering race to take home third place, a nice return to form from a knee operation not too long ago.

Peter Hey holds on to first place, with Andrew Carter in second (the only member to have competed in all 7 races to date) and Shevonne McLarnon nips into third place.

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Results for the Ilkley Trail Race will come online later this evening.

Next up in the CC is the undulating Otley 10 on 10th June, entries available here. Race 10 is the Pudsey 10k on 21st June, entries available here.

7 races in and we have had 87 harriers take part.

For the full club championship results table click here.

For the updated league table click here.

Steve Webb

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