Club Championship – General Update

After much confusion & rule reading, I’ve finally put the Club Championship league table back online here. Apologies for the random appearance & disappearance of this over the week, although it did actually motivate me to go to training on Monday & chat to our resident Kirkstall guru Chris Glover about it and work out what was going on! Says a lot about the CC administrator when he doesn’t actually know the rules, (?)thankfully(?) our ever active FB group kept me on the straight & narrow.

The league table includes the Otley 10 results, however it does not include the Marathon & parkrun bonuses to date. There will be some more head scratching to get that corrected but hopefully I can sort it by the weekend & incorporate with the Pudsey 10k results (he says ever so confidently, for the third time…..) On that note, another reminder for Pudsey 10k this Sunday.

Finally, as of Monday nights committee meeting we have agreed some changes to the Club Championship calendar, available here. Notable inclusions:

  • Rombalds Romp. A unique two course race, Fell or Trail. Pick you course & between now & the start of the race I’ll have a think & decide how we will actually dish out points for this one!
  • Abbey Dash. An out & back on the beloved & scenic A65, a true staple in the Leeds road running diet and I’d probably expect it to be one of our biggest turnouts of the year. Early bird entry has been discounted to £18 until 31st August. As AgeUK say, get involved.


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