Leeds Country Way 2015

Our three teams in the LCW this year did a great job in the warm conditions. Our mixed “A” team managed to get the baton to the finish despite getting lost on leg 1 and losing about 10 minutes.

It was the 25th running of the event and our own John Hutchinson was presented with a t-shirt commemorating his achievement of running in all 25. Well done John.

Our mixed A team finished second mixed team overall and our leg 6 runners in that team, Shami and Adam won the trophies for fastest mixed team on leg 6.

Thanks to the great organisation of the teams by Laura Davis who managed more than few team changes!

For photos click here

Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3
Time Leg Pos   Time Leg Pos   Time Leg Pos
A Team Mixed Alice M-G Ryan O 01:35:48 28 Martin S Emma L-W 01:36:40 23 Tom K   Gary C 01:27:40 21
C Team Mixed Mark S Peter B 01:33:59 26 Richard T John H 01:42:36 30 Chris S Becky D 01:49:42 41
B Team Ladies Jill C Louise O’B 01:37:40 32 Lucy C   Rose G 02:44:46 44 Alyson G Eleanor G 01:43:12 38
Leg 4 Leg 5 Leg 6 Final
  Time Leg Pos   Time Leg Pos   Time Leg Pos Time Fin Pos
A Team Mixed Alan B   Chris G 01:25:41 8 Steve W   Andrew K 01:19:51 14 Shami S Adam M 01:09:59 7 08:35:39 12
C Team Mixed Kieran O’B Noel A 02:02:54 39 Burjor L Patrick N 01:46:14 37 Jim N     Liz W 01:36:15 35 10:31:40 35
B Team Ladies Fiona V Collette S 02:05:15 41 Anne A Bal S 02:07:16 45 Vicki H Jill B 01:53:39 44 12:11:48 44

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