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We had 18 runners for the last of this winter’s time trial – on a relatively warm dry night – about 12 degrees. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can take off into the hills and countryside and enjoy the off road trails instead. There were 6 new face for this run – Michelle, Mo, Sarah, Joe, Aeryn and Thomas.

As it was the last one – runners had a choice of which way round to go, so there may have been some interesting encounters about half way around, and some rapid calculations of how each runner was faring.

First over the line getting back into her true running form was Sioned with a run time of 25.55, closely followed in 14 seconds by Llana with a pb run time of 24.09. Third over the line was Sarah Bramley on her first  run with a time of 24.28. Within the next 27 seconds we had Mo, Joe and Joel. Sadly bringing up the rear was our ever faithful Patrick with a run time of 49.26.

Recording a pb of 17.21 was Ryan who set off at the back, and finished in 7th place. Other pb’s were recorded by Simon Wells who was the penultimate runner to set off, recording a pb time of 18.32 for this year but has consistently been about the 18.30 to 18.45 time. Jack was the other pb’er knocking 3 seconds off his first run with a time of 23.28. The fastest lady on the night was Aeryn recording a time of 23.26 on her very first attempt.

Many thanks for Chris for sorting all the times out and ensuring all runners got away at the correct predicted time.

Results attached.



By Harrier