Club Championship 2015

And so our Club Championship for 2015 has come to an end and the results are now public, congratulations go to Paul Newton, Helen Burgess and Patrick Nesden!

In the end we had 108 members gain points over the course of the year so thank you all for coming out to play through some horrible weather, lovely mud and hilly courses. It may not be some peoples preference, but oddly it has been my pleasure to doddle around with spreadsheets & the likes (geek yes) so it has been a fun year for me. Hopefully you’ve had some fun along the way too, I never realised how seriously people take the championship (which is by no means a bad thing – on the contrary, I’ve happily had discussion on the nitty gritty of it!).

By all means give me a shout if you have any queries or general interest (  or hold on to them & give your new championship co-ordinator (Malcolm Taylor) a test of his mettle in early January.

The full leaderboard for 2015 is here for your perusal, along with the individual results for each race in the season here.

The upcoming 2016 Club Championship Calendar is here, kicking off with the PECO on the 24th January.


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