Club Championship Race 16 – Half Marathon Weekend turned Fortnight!

A thanks again for everyone that came to mine and Samantha Taylor (nee Broome)’s wedding! Being on our honeymoon, meant that this update is severely delayed. As such, I’ve decided to change Race 16 from a weekend to a fortnight (pretty much a month with leniency). Which means, anyone who did a half marathon timed race, 13.1 miles and above (to 26.2) gets some points!

I’ve recorded and been told about 12 people who did such a thing. Well done to all. They are below:

Name Time Race
Michael McGill 01:44:08 Great North Run
Anne Pinches 01:56:54 Great North Run
Justin Newall 02:11:52 Great North Run
Joanne McGarey 02:23:23 Great North Run
Jill Hudson 02:37:48 Great North Run
Paul Grist 01:32:06 Vale of York Half Marathon
Adam Moger 01:34:37 Vale of York Half Marathon
Jo Kendall 01:50:04 Vale of York Half Marathon
Simone Salgado 02:02:53 Vale of York Half Marathon
Elizabeth Walker 02:07:57 Vale of York Half Marathon
Sean O’Halloran 02:29:03 Wissey Half Marathon
Ben Coldwell 01:44:36 Sundowner Half Ironman

 The times and points against handicaps can be found here:

Race Results

Which with newly added bonuses included, we have a new leader! The table can be found here:

League Table

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