Chairman’s Chase & Winter Time Trial Results

Chairmans Chase

Wot ever happened to Spring. After a long cold winter we seemed to go straight into summer with the temperature about 20 degrees at the start of the race. We had 29 runners on the start line, one more than last year. This was the 30th running of this event. It first started in 1987 and we have only missed 2 years, 1994 & 1995. This must have been the time the club was called Leeds Postal Harriers and was very short on members.
We had a few members as usual giving good excuses why their handicap times were not realistic on the night, but we do tend to use the UK Athletic handicapping system as much as possible, even if members have not run an official race for many years, or their name is down twice with two different handicaps for the same distance. It is only those who have never ran a 10k race before for the club that do not get an official handicap. We also had to set up a different finish due to the Burley Rugby Club having their pitch completely dug up and a new one being laid and the “listed” wall around the Kirkstall Forge is being strengthened due to weakness and listing problems – still. The measured distance being calculated at 5.78 miles.
The first 3 over the finish line were Andy Goldman who did a run time of 52.15. This was despite a long lay off due to injury, which was aggravated (or improved) by a hamstring problem on his first night back at training doing the hills, a week or two ago. 2nd was Shevonne McLarnon 37 seconds later in a run time of 54.52 who seems to be getting a few more races in and getting faster for doing so. 3rd was a slimmer looking Matt Sykes-Hooban who is also getting faster upon his return to running, with a run time of 51.04. Just missing out and finishing fourth was new member Ashleigh Jones, 25 seconds behind Matt with a run time of 52.29. 5th was Anna Jaines with a run time of 47.56. Another name to mention is Kelvin Horner, despite a slight disagreement about his handicap, he did set off in 26th place and finished in 6th with a run time of 42.22, 8 seconds faster than his handicap and for those who buy expensive running shoes – he was only wearing sandals – but I assume they are not the usual cheap off the shelf ones from T K MAX. For those thinking of changing their footwear maybe you need to speak to Kelvin first. The fastest runner on the night was Jonathan Young with a run time of 36.27 and finishing in 9th position after setting off at the back, 22 minutes after the first runner. Fastest female on the night was Leah Williams with a run time of 44.54 and overtaking 12 runners to finish 7th. Needless to say there were plenty of runners and helpers in the LPSA indulging in the fine spread laid on. Many thanks to Gary Carlisle, Neil Marshall, Sam Taylor and especially Jemmy Roe for ensuring that amidst all the fun and frolics of the night, everyone got off on the right time, no runners were lost en route, and the correct order of names and times listed at the end.

Peter Hey

Results of Chairman’s Chase:

Chairman’s Chase Results

Previous year’s winners of the Chairman’s Chase and the Member’s Meander:

Previous Winners 


The overall winners of the winter time trials were also presented with their trophies back at the LPSA after the Chairmans Chase. The best 4 scores out of the 6 races are used to decide the overall winners. Altogether we had 44 runners who had knowingly or not, turned up for 1 or more races. I would like to think had the weather been kinder this could have been more, but regardless of this, it was a close finish for the 8 that qualified. Below is a list of their names and the points gained, which suggests that even on the last race most runners were close to getting in the top 3 subject to the time they ran or the number of runners who finished in front of them.
Patrick Nesden – 22 points
Adam Moger – 27
Giedrius Geisleris – 28
Vikki Hipkiss – 29
Malcolm Taylor – 30
Dawn Henderson – 34
Sean Scanlon – 38
Carol Moran – 42

Peter Hey

Winter Time Trial Results 2017/18

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