Chairman’s Chase 2019

Although the temperature was a bit chilly for the time of year, about 7 degrees at least it was dry and we had 13 runners, 2 joggers and at least 7 people to help and marshal, along with 2 minors to keep an eye on Jemma. To avoid anyone losing valuable time due to red traffic lights we started outside the Bridge pub, and the finish was by the last gated entrance after the Abbey itself, so the distance could not have been too much short of a 10k. First over the line was Paul Chapman with a run time of 47.33. With a time like that it is hoped he will be doing more races this year. 42 seconds behind in 2nd place, having stood around for 22 minutes in the cold, but overtaking everyone else in the race was Alan O’Brien with a run time of 36.45. The fastest time on the night. In 3rd place, 41 seconds further behind was Liz Walker with a time of 53.26. The Baildon Boundary half M on Sunday must have done some good. Just missing out in 4th place by 58 seconds was Gary Carlisle with a run time of 49.24. Bringing up the rear on the night was Hannah Newman who was not fibbing when she said it would be a slow run for her. Fastest lady on the night was Jane Crossley with a run time of 48.57. Hoping the other runners were not too dissatisfied with their positions but the handicaps are set mainly by Run Britain, so it all depends how and when your last run was, that dictates the starting line – with a little bit of fudging where needed. Running is an unpredictable event at the best of times. Only 9 minutes separated all 13 runners but taking 2nd to 11th position there was less then 4 minutes. Apart from the bleep test next week, hopefully there will be no more time trials until the Members Meander as Autumn approaches.

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