We had a good turn out on one of the coldest nights so far – 2 degrees Centigrade? Hopefully the later starters did not appear to suffer too much from hanging around. Many thanks to Jemma for turning up again and to ensure all went very smoothly. We had 21 runners with some new faces to the results – Peter Marshal, Randolph Haggerty and Kevin Longmate (who was not running competitively?)
Other new faces for this year were Hannah Newman, Jacquie Elmer (who had run the Tadcaster 10 the day before) Carol Moran (who missed the first due to heavy traffic and has not run for 2 weeks), Lucy Churm and Ellie Hipkiss. The other 13 are regulars to the time trials so hopefully some do enjoy them?
First over the line this month was Peter Marshal with a run time of 26.18, beating his only other time over this course by over 4 minutes, so looks like Peter will be going towards the back of the queue for his next run. Reversing her position from being at the back, last month, Catherine finished 2nd with a run time of 25.51, nearly 3 minutes faster. In 3rd place was Vickie, just missing out by 6 seconds for a course pb. with a run time of 26.27. Just missing out on a podium finish by 10 seconds was Paul Chapman, another runner getting back into form and missing his course pb by 13 seconds. Other good runs were made by Lucy, 24.42 who missed her pb of 2015/16 by 19 seconds, Adam, 19.46 missing out by 3 seconds and Alan 18.36 missing out by 1 second. Jonathan, who is supposed to be injured and not running, created another course record and pb with a run time of 16.39 knocking 14 seconds off last times. Could it all be down to running the reverse way, up Spen Lane and down Queenswood Drive?
After a time lapse of 16 minutes and 45 seconds between 1st and last setting off, the time gap between 1st and last finisher was almost 7 minutes, but between 3rd and 20th was only 2 minutes and 28 seconds. One day we may get all the starting times correct if it was not for our erotic runners having good and bad days – but then it would be a nightmare for doing the results. If you do spot any errors please let me know.
Hoping to see you all and more for the December one
Peter Hey

November 5k Time Trial Results

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