Winter 5k Time Trial 11th Dec 2019 – Results

Well done to the brave 14 runners who came down for the time trial on a cold but dry night. We may have lost a few as it was the Christmas meal the night before – but we are told that you have to run for 21 minutes to burn off each mince pie you eat. We had 2 new faces to the time trial – Yekanth Venkiteela (who arrived a little later then usual and missed his steady jog with Paul Glover) and Jo Mingham. Also making their debut to this seasons series of runs were Malcolm Taylor (or should we say Alistair) and Simon Hands.
Needless to say it was the two new faces who like most “nice runners” have a complete lack of knowledge to how fast they normally run when predicting times for handicap races, and also myself for being gullible and believing them, who were in the first 3. Also given a slight better then expected time, mainly because we felt sorry for him pushing Alastair and the pram up Spen Lane, but he obviously made Alistair get out and push – or stood on the pram and glided down Queenswood and Kirkstall Lane, burning some tyre tread.
First over the line with a run (or pram ride) time of 29.25 was Malcolm, closely followed by Yekanth in 29.29 and third was Jo with 27.36 edging Randolph (who never runs fast in winter) into 4th with 22.52, beating his November time by 40 seconds. Fastest runner on the night was Adam Moger with a run time 19.53, slightly slower then his last two runs, and fastest lady was Vicki with a run time of 27.10, also slightly slower then her two last runs. Bringing up the rear with a run time of 38.44 was Patrick, but he had done two marathons on the Saturday and Sunday just gone.
Overall the time difference was 6 minutes 19 seconds, but taking out the first and last two, the time difference was 2 minutes 3 seconds. Many thanks again to Jemma for doing an excellent job in getting them all started in the right order and times, and ensuring they are all recorded in the right order when they do the “photo finishes” on the line. Thanks also to Alan and Ben for braving the cold conditions and helping “marshal” the runners around the correct route.
Peter Hey

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