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We had 11 runners on the night – it would have been 12 if we had seen Gary before the start, but due to rumours that the Abbey was busy due to some performance – we started at the Burley Rugby Club instead of the usual place. Was it going to be Gary’s night – we will never know. Also there were Vicki, Catherine Sam, Alastair and Georga – all willing to lend a hand. We had a new face among the starters -Susie Robertson – who just missed out on a podium finish – coming in 4th, after being guided around part of the course by Shevonne. Dave Wood also started but took the short route instead due to knee pain. Also suffering a little on the night due to an old injury was Kevin – who joined in the event but jogged round in 55 minutes – wearing his minimalist shoes. Rachel also had a bad night but bravely managed to finish despite missing the final lap around the field, having picked up a stomach bug the week before. Also finishing strongly was Ben – but he was unable to get to the start on time so did his own route, but was there to cheer the finishers in. The runners were helped on their way round by a welcoming light shower of rain halfway through the event on a warm muggy evening.

Finishing in third place with a run time of 53.19 was Matt – adding to their trophy cabinet, afte Leanne’s 2nd in the Chairmans chase a few weeks earlier. In second place and despite being pushed down the pecking order after his Chairmans chase win was Sean, with a run time of 51.59. Coming in first with a run time of 59.51 was Carol. The fastest person on the night was Adam, with a run time of 47.23, and the fastest lady was Leanne with 59.47. After excluding the first one home, the other 9 finishers all finished within 5 minutes of each other – except poor Patrick who brought up the rear.

Thanks also to Chris, Paul, Jemma, Vicki, Gary, Catherine, Sam and Alan for turning up to help and watch the spectacle.