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We only had 10 runners (including 2 joggers – Kevin and Adam) so they were excluded from the positions due to having a very generous start time. Not too sure where the other runners were, but it was cold – 4 degrees, the day after a Peco race and the week before Christmas – so some may have been wrapping sprouts or peeling presents? There was only one fresh face to this year’s results – Jo Mingham, who like a lot of our runners at the moment, is coming back from injury or just getting back into the groove.

First – officially over the line was our new member Alice Graham with a run time of 28.47, closely followed by Vikki – 28.26 and third on the podium was Paul Chapman 28.07 who is slowly getting faster – again. To finish off all the places we had Ian 26.05, Leanne 28.09, Carol 28.13, Jo 33.31 and Patrick 43.13. At least there were enough prizes so everyone wanting one, had one. Fastest runner on the night was Adam 22.56 despite only jogging round, and Leanne 28.09, just pipping Carol.

We also had 4 helpers/watchers – Alan O’Brien – still recovering, Ben, Lucy and the ever reliable Jemma ensuring they all started at the correct times. Whist waiting for the runners to finish we were all entertained by one of the cute foxes peeping over the church wall, wondering what the hell we were doing.

Hope you all have a Happy Christmas and are looking forward to lots more running in the New Year.