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We are now back into the season of time trials – which are supposed to be a friendly way of giving everyone a chance of crossing the finishing line first. But like true athletes we are all coping with injuries or coming back from them, bad night runs, or just having a good night run, hence any predictions of run times is very difficult – if  not impossible. Hopefully all the runners enjoy the run if nothing else. The Members Meander is 7 miles though – and quite a large part of it off road.

We had 14 runners out last night and the grateful help of Adam who had just had some hip treatment.

After the usual pleas for adjustments we managed to get the runners off, with Patrick starting at his usual 6.30pm start – followed about 40 minutes later by the rest so they did not have to wait too long after their 7pm ish start. Hence Ryan getting a surprise on the Rein Road river path when meeting Patrick coming the other way – already !!!

We had 1 new face to the club on the night which was Jo Walker – hopefully the experience has not put him off coming down to the club again, and one new name to the time trials – Benjamin Rhodes.

The first 4 over the line all seem to have fully recovered from their injuries – and will certainly pay the price in the next event, Paul Chapman was first with a run time of 55.48, almost 6 minutes faster then predicted, followed by Chris Glover in 46.58, again 6 minutes faster than predicted,  then Kevin Longmate and Ben Coldwell, in 43.30 & 43.54 respectively, both 1 minute faster then expected. Sadly bringing up the rear was Patrick & Jo, with Jo taking 8 minutes longer then expected, so some sympathies with her on our next outing. First lady home was Carol, with Rosina being the fastest lady with a run time of 51.38. Ryan had the fastest time with 41.56 – less then 1 minute longer then his predicted time, but finishing 7th over the line. Commiserations to all the other runners, maybe next time?



By Harrier