Pudsey 10k 2017 (Club Champs)

The Pudsey 10k has seen some hot and sunny conditions in the past but this year it seemed to the hottest we have seen for many a year.

16 of our members set off at 10:45 on Sunday morning into the blazing sun and mid 20s temperatures. And of course, the hills! It is no surprise that no course PBs were broken by our regular runners of the race. We all did very well to get round without incident. The race was well organised by Pudsey Pacers again and despite the sizzling weather, it was another great event.

It was a CC race so look out for Malcolm’s update of the tables.

Our race results:

Pos Name Cat Time
62 Martin Frazer M50 00:49:25
64 Christopher Glover M55 00:49:27
85 Simon  Boardman MSEN 00:50:40
127 Michael Reynard M45 00:54:10
128 Louise O’brien F40 00:54:12
172 Chris Hudson M40 00:56:30
191 Rachael  Kearns FSEN 00:57:41
260 Paul Chapman M40 01:03:17
269 Alyson Glover F50 01:03:59
270 Alexandra Potts FSEN 01:04:01
273 Karen Boardman FSEN 01:04:28
289 Rose George F45 01:05:34
313 Elizabeth Walker FSEN 01:07:21
393 Baldish  Sandhu F50 01:14:28
400 Carol Moran F55 01:14:50
443 Anne Akers F55 01:27:54

Club Championship Race 10 – Otley 10

Half way through!!

Looks like the people at Otley AC got the best of the weather this week for the Otley 10. We had 12 runners out, minimum of 39 points given away in the CC, gotta be in it to win it! Taking a look at the results there were some close battles out there. Great running!

Onto the Club Champs, the top 3 against their handicap time were as follows:

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Carol Moran 01:42:35 9.94% 01:32:23 50
2 John Durkan 01:28:43 7.42% 01:22:08 49
3 Mark McKone 01:39:13 7.09% 01:32:11 48

The full results table can be found below.

Race Results

No real change in the Top 3 in the table, but a number are climbing with their recent excellent performances!

League Table


Next up, Pudsey 10k. Still time to enter!



Otley 10


12 of our members ran in the Otley 10 last night. It was a club championship race so they will all pick up some valuable points. Malcolm will be updating the tables very soon.

Well done to all, but especially Paul Glover who came first in the M70 age category.


Pos First Name Surname Cat Cat Pos Time
30 Hal Roberts M17 8 01:05:58
184 John Durkin M40 33 01:22:08
188 Kieran O’Brien M40 34 01:22:33
216 Richard Thomas M55 15 01:25:23
223 Sean Scanlon M40 40 01:26:18
233 Michael McGill M55 18 01:27:25
248 Paul Glover M70 1 01:29:43
258 Yekanth Venkiteela M17 37 01:30:19
260 Alexandra Potts F17 21 01:30:24
276 Mark McKone M35 36 01:32:11
280 Carol Moran F55 8 01:32:23
283 Simone Salgado F17 24 01:32:34

Yorkshire Vets grand Prix Race 3 – Lythe Whitby

7 members ventured up to Whitby on Sunday to run the hilly but very scenic course at Lythe. 

Our results are below. Well done to our team. Congratulations to Niamh (2nd F35) and Louise (2nd F40).

Pos Name Cat Time
3 Niamh jackson F35 00:46:58
17 Louise O Brien F40 00:54:16
42 Collette Spencer F40 01:04:02
45 Shevonne McLarnon F40 01:06:54
Pos Name Cat Time
17 Adam Moger M40 00:46:14
37 Martin Frazer M50 00:50:40
65 Peter Britton M55 00:57:43

Club Championship Race 9 – Apperley Bridge Canter + Volunteer Bonus Point Update!

On a warm summers’ evening 20 Harriers took to Apperley Bridge to take on Horsforth Harriers signature race, the Applerley Bridge Canter. A 10k undulating, multi terrain race that strikes fear into most!

Name Time
Hal Roberts 00:40:25
Lee Hardy 00:41:20
Christopher Glover 00:46:11
Simon Hands 00:47:09
Chris Hudson 00:47:55
Matt Kasparek 00:48:30
Louise O’Brien 00:50:18
Paul Chapman 00:52:00
Isobel Webster 00:52:15
Paul Glover 00:53:09
Yekanth Venkiteela 00:57:31
Alyson Glover 00:58:12
Elizabeth Walker 01:00:39
Shevonne Mclarnon 01:02:03
Baldish Sandhu 01:05:27
Jacqueline Elmer 01:06:59
Peter Hey 01:08:05
Karen Longfellow 01:09:15
Samantha Broome 01:12:23
Jill Hudson 01:13:24

Well done to all. Now – who’s done the best against their Run Britain handicap?

Turns out to be a certain Paul Chapman!

Position Name H’cap Time Diff Time Points
1 Paul Chapman 00:57:23 9.38% 00:52:00 50
2 Simon Hands 00:51:21 8.18% 00:47:09 49
3 Matt Kasparek 00:52:35 7.76% 00:48:30 48

The full set of results can be found below.

Race Results

Onto to the table, as we are reaching half way – 2 people have completed their 6 races but not hit any of their bonuses. Can anyone overtake them or can they increase their score in the remaining races! It’s all still up for grabs.

After last weeks’ Vets race, I have added in an extra column (just visible) to show who has now achieved their Volunteer Bonus of 10 points. To do so – they had to volunteer at 2 of Kirkstalls events, in this case marshalling the PECO and Vets Race and organising the weekend away.

League Table


Otley 10 is this week so make sure your entered if there’s still places and race for the pride and your position in the Club Championship!